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Pro Thermal 360 for FLIR Boson™
VX Inc.
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Product Description

Pro Thermal 360 by VX Inc.

The Pro Thermal 360 was created by VX inc. to be the first real-time 360 degree thermal camera. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, with a stylish anodized finish, the Pro Thermal is perfect for professional thermal vision needs.

The kit couples with the FLIR Boson 320 to create a real time 360 degree thermal image. Each Pro Thermal can see 296H x 94V degrees. Connect two back to back to create a full 360H degree or 3D stereo setup.

When used as a stereo camera, the left and right thermal images are separated by 64mm to match the average human eye spacing. This creates a comfortable 3D vision when viewed in 3D headsets. Predator vision... anyone?

Potential use cases:
Thermal 3D mapping, stereo thermal vision, autonomous vehicle sensors, computer vision, 360 degree thermal vision.

Pro Thermal 360 Renderings

Image produced from the Pro Thermal:

The image can be unwrapped to form a panoramic image using a script or software.
Unwrapping software is not included, various open source applications and scripts are available online.

Links to some examples:

Pro Thermal 360 Image Capture

Each Pro Thermal 360 Includes:

  • Precision 5 Axis Machined Housing
  • Fine-Pitch Stainless Reflector with a diameter tolerance of ±0.0001"
  • Fine-Pitch Boson Concentric Flange
  • Base Plate With 1/4-20 Threaded Tripod Mount.
  • Mounting Hardware

Boson camera and USB VPC kit are NOT included, must be purchased separately

Pro Thermal 360 Exploaded View

Required Accessories:

  • FLIR Boson 13.8mm - Buy one with each kit.
  • Boson - USB VPC Kit - Buy one with each kit.

Buy 2 Kits for 360 Stereo Applications.

Why GroupGet?

The manufacturing costs become affordable with a large initial order, enabling developers and hobbyists to create a 360 degree thermal camera for a reasonable price.

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable
Precision 5 Axis Machined Housing, Fine-Pitch Stainless Reflector with a diameter tolerance of ±0.0001", Fine-Pitch Boson Concentric Flange, Base Plate With 1/4-20 Threaded Tripod Mount, Mounting Hardware
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6 weeks

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