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PUREmodules Kit

PUREmodules Kit

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Product Details


PUREmodules Kit

Brand / Manufacturer

PURE Engineering

Product Description

Simplifying development of low power wireless IoT hardware and software sensor prototypes with a modular sensor architecture.

This kit includes one nRF52 COREmodule, one SUPER SENSOR Module, one Program Adapter, one Passthrough Module, and four PUREmodules Connectors.

PUREmodules are the building blocks for IoT connected smart sensors. PUREmodules help you bring your vision to life. With PUREmodules, there is never any need to solder, breadboard, or wire anything. PUREmodules are quick to assemble and enable you to easily try out your ideas. Once you have the PUREmodules you need, simply snap them together, use our sample code, or DIY and write your own, and you are good to go! PUREmodules will simplify IoT development on a massive scale and set this technology loose on the world in a way that up until now has been impossible.

nRF52 COREmodule
Core Module

The Core Module is the brain of the system. The nRF52832 SOC was selected for a number of reasons. First, is because of it is compatibility with Arduino and a number of other open source frameworks. We know many of you love Arduino for its simplicity and power, and so do we. We will be providing support for Contiki OS and Arduino for this kickstarter release. What’s also great about the nRF52832 SOC is it supports the following major IoT operating systems:

Additional Software frameworks supported

Hardware Features

  • nRF52832 SOC
  • Onboard Antenna
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • LIS2DE12TR Accelerometer
  • 1225 Coin Cell holder
  • 2.4Ghz Antenna
  • One While LED
  • Two User buttons
  • Three output expansion ports, two I2C and one SPI
  • Two input expansion ports, one I2C and one SPI
  • Shipping with BLE bootloader.
  • Update firmware over the Air.
  • Optional JTAG programming connection via Tag-Connect
  • One of the I2C expansion ports has JTAG and NFC expansion options
  • Total of 20 GPIO is available


There are endless applications with the nRF52 Core module, but a few common applications include:

  • BLE Beacon for Asset tracking
  • BLE packet sniffer
  • iBeacon and Eddystone beacons
  • Motion controller BLE mouse
  • Fitness step counter with BLE interface

Super Sensor Module

The SUPER SENSOR Module is a multi function sensor module to enable a maximum number of uses in conjunction with the Core module. We call this our SUPER SENSOR module. The SUPER SENSOR Module contains 7 sensors capable of measuring the following data:

  • Barometric Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Distance
  • Uva Uvb
  • Rgb
  • Ir
  • Heart Rate Pulse Oximetry

We are targeting three key areas with our multi-sensor module: (1) home automation and monitoring, (2) health tracking, and (3) industrial measurement.

Home Automation and Monitoring

Within home automation a number of applications are possible. Some possibilities include: weather station, water leak detection, motion sensing, appliance monitoring, intrusion detection and pet monitoring. We are even more excited to see what you come up with. The possibilities are endless.

Health Tracking Applications

Options include: pulse rate oximetry, motion, fitness, sunscreen application alerts, sleep quantity measurements, and stress detection. Again we think this is only the beginning and can't wait to see applications that are created.

Industrial Measurement applications

Server monitoring, equipment utilization, asset tracking, and farming. Overall we think that the starting set of sensors we are going to have will enable hundreds of different applications. We will continue to develop new sensor modules and refine the ones we have.

Why GroupGets?

Get a great price on this unique prototyping platform.

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One nRF52 COREmodule, one SUPER SENSOR Module, one Program Adapter, one Passthrough Module, and four PUREmodules Connectors.

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    Sashi Ono

    We have been working hard these last several months after the kickstarter working on examples and making it easier to develop code out of the box. We are ready for the next round of users to take advantage of our rapid prototyping development kit. will be helping us to queue up orders for our next round of hardware. If you missed the kickstarter, this is your next chance to get your PUREmodules development kit.

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