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Single-unit price: $41.00 30% off + shipping

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Model 805

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Exclusive 30% discount offer on premium AVALON VR Headsets.

The Avalon VR headset is adaptable to fit smartphones of all brands, including all Galaxy® and iPhone® models and sizes (yes, 6-plus and 7-plus models fit!). Choose your favorite VR viewer app, plug in your earbuds and enjoy virtual reality as it was intended. No custom software or equipment is required. Each lens can also be adjusted independently for precision focus, allowing most users with corrective lenses to use the VR without glasses.

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Move beyond cardboard and add another level of comfort and style to your virtual experience with Avalon VR. Avalon’s VR headset is both sturdy and light. A secure, ventilated case keeps your device safe and cool. Soft, leatherette contact points around the eyepiece and head strap provide superior comfort. Put a premium on comfort and quality with Avalon VR.

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Why GroupGets?

We are excited to launch this new product, and proud to partner with GroupGets to offer an exclusive 30% discount.

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1 universal AVALON Model 805 Headset, instruction manual, cleaning cloth

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Not available / campaign funded, end date: Thu, 24 Nov 2016 14:52:00 PST

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Two weeks Days

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