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IRduino - Arduino Compatible Infrared Receiver

IRduino - Arduino Compatible Infrared Receiver


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Product Details

IRduino - Arduino Compatible Infrared Receiver
Product Description

An open source, programmable, Arduino-compatible USB infrared receiver that gives new life to old remote controls. IRduino is a peripheral device that allows almost any IR signal to be translated into commands. It works on many platforms, including PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, and even some cell phones. The remote control (infrared device) can be anything from an old TV remote, to an IR mouse or keyboard.

How is IRduino Made?


IRduino is made up of an ATmega32u4 Microcontroller (MCU) and an SMD (Surface Mounted Device) IR receiver component. The design is simplified even further by including the USB contacts directly on the board - and unlike many products on the market, the board is thick enough to sit snugly in your USB port. To keep the device humanized (and humorous), a little robot is screen-printed on the reverse side. Just like any good robot, it’s got two programmable LEDs for eyes.

Giving Old Technology New Life


Decades of consumer electronics have relied on infrared remote controls. The result is piles of unused IR remotes collecting dust in closets and storage bins around the world. Our goal is to give you the power to put some of those idle remotes back to work in creative and productive ways. Enter the IRduino.



IRduino comes with the Arduino Leonardo bootloader pre-installed on the board, which makes IRduino fully compatible with the Arduino IDE for programming.


IRduino is only 19mm x 35mm, which is smaller than most USB flash sticks.

Works with Most Remotes

We have designed a library that is compatible with about 95% of infrared remotes on the market, from air conditioning remotes, to TV remotes, to DVD remotes, to washing machine remotes.


Microcontroller: Atmega32u4
Operating Voltage: 5V
Flash Memory: 32KB of which 4KB used by bootloader
Clock Speed: 16MHz
Remote Distance: >5m
Remote Support: 95% of IR Remote on the market


How to Use

How to Use

This tutorial will tell you how to control your PC with an IR remote.

Remote: Best Partner of IRduino

NOTE: If you are totally fresh to Arduino, please read THIS first.


Go to our Github to download demo code, Eagle layout files, and the schematic pdf.

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We can only manufacture this in bulk, so we need your help.

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