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EBO Air: The Intelligent AI Robot Companion

The most advanced, mobile, self-charging, family-friendly robotic companion.
EBO Air: The Intelligent AI Robot Companion
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EBO Air: The Intelligent AI Robot Companion

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Product Description

The EBO Air is one of the newest and most advanced models to join the Enabot line of robotic companions, packed full of features the whole family can enjoy!


ENABOT is committed to finding innovative solutions to connect and protect families, including their pets. Our mission is to promote love, companionship and sharing.

The EBO Air, is a family-friendly, robot companion with real-time monitoring functions, video playback support, multi-account login, and has a wireless charger. Whether you are going to work, school or traveling on business, you can view every corner of your home through EBO's 1080p HD camera; you can chat with family members via its speakers; play with your pet; and participate in every aspect of your family's life.


The EBO Air's features at a glance:


AI technology

Wifi/P2P transmission

Sensor integration
Camera/position sensor/infrared/distance sensor/microphone

Tumbler design
No matter the angle, the EBO will adjust to be right-side up

Super silent
Brushless motor wheel technology enables the machine to roll-around silently


The Air's Unique Features:


  • E-Pet

         Pets’playmate, with skills to interact with pet.

  • Laser Pointer 

        EBO can release lasers to play with pets 

  • AI Tracking
    EBO can intelligently recognize and follow nearby humans and pets - one simple touch and EBO will automatically track the selected target.
  • Automatic shooting
    In AI, EBO can actively capture and shoot video clips related to the selected subject.
  • DIY Feathers 

        DIY feathers make EBO more adorable 

Two-Way Voice Control, One-Way Video

Two-way voice mode's communication is as smooth as a phone call. One-way video enables you to see your family up close.


Fixed Point Security

Enabot monitors security within the visible range of the charging base, and has a 24-hour fixed-point recording can be set for security. Up to 16GB of external memory, supports up to 256GB maximum. 


With Multi-User Logins, Caring is Never Absent

The main account can add/delete family members through the mobile app.


The EBO App is Easy & Free to Use

EBO App with robot

EBO is a free, downloadable application used to control your EBO robot. (Available on iOS & Android)


  • Video operation
  • Record video
  • Instant Voice
  • Video Editor
  • Video Sharing
  • Agenda reminder
  • & More!


The EBO Air Automatically Re-Charges - Play without Interruption


When the power is low, EBO will automatically return to the charging station to recharge. 

Product Specifications

  • Infrared laser
  • AI tracking recognition and shooting function
  • 16GB external memory, support 256GB at maximum
  • 2.4G+5.8G WIFI network frequency band connection
  • Infrared night vision function
  • Multi-user accounts Login
  • Automatic patrol
  • 24H fixed-point security recording
  • Abnormal video alarm/message push
  • Brushless silent motor
  • Anti-drop function
  • Max speed 1m/s

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One EBO AIR Bot & 1 More Charging Dock ( For a better and quicker auto charge)

Unit Price



Campaign Unsuccessful, ends when minimum unit count reached

Lead Time

7 Days after campaign end date


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