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SnapperGPS is a prototype, open-source, low-cost and low-power location tracking system designed for wildlife tracking.
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SnapperGPS 1.0.0

Product Description

SnapperGPS tags are small and lightweight which makes them perfect for wildlife tracking. One tag can log data for over 10,000 locations in one deployment and last for over a year on a small 40 mAh battery. That means that it could attempt a location fix once every minute for one week or once every hour for one year. This tag also features 3 GPIO pins that you can use to connect your own sensors and triggers. 

To configure your SnapperGPS tag simply connect it to your computer or phone and go to https://snappergps.info. Once your deployment is over, just reconnect the tag and use the same web app to upload the data. The cloud-based processing service will then notify you once the location data is ready to download. There is no need to install drivers or additional software.

SnapperGPS tags run on LiPo batteries which you can connect with a JST-PH connector. Make sure you get one that has a protection circuit and that the JST-PH connector has the correct polarity. You will also need a USB-C cable to connect the tag to your computer or phone.

Note that SnapperGPS is a prototype research tool, and is not a commercial product. As such, it comes with no warranty or guarantee that it is fit for purpose.

About SnapperGPS:

  • Size: 32.0 mm x 27.3 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 g (+ antenna + battery)
  • Maximum number of position fixes: 10901
  • Battery life with a 40 mAh battery (not included): >1 year
  • Median accuracy: 12 m
  • Supported GNSS: GPS, Galileo, BeiDou
  • GPIO pins for external sensors: 3

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SnapperGPS is a research project and is being developed by Jonas Beuchert, Amanda Matthes and Alex Rogers at the University of Oxford. The entire SnapperGPS hardware and software is open source. You can find the GitHub repository here.

You can read more about the hardware in this paper. Please consider citing it if you use SnapperGPS for your research.

Product Specifications

SnapperGPS is completely open-source. If you are interested in detailed specifications and components, you can find the design here: https://github.com/SnapperGPS/snappergps-pcb

Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One tag

Lead Time

10 Days

Options and Add-Ons

Abracon antenna

SnapperGPS tags need an antenna to receive satellite data. The APAM1368YB13V3.0 is an antenna by Abracon LLC that has been tested to work with SnapperGPS.

Size: 13 mm x 13 mm x 7 mm

Weight: 4.6 g

LNA gain: 19dB


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