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Audiomoth GPS Bundle

Audiomoth GPS Bundle
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Audiomoth GPS Bundle
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Product Details

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Open Acoustic Devices

Product Description

Coinciding with the release of the new AudioMoth GPS Board, this small bundle campaign offers everything needed to start recording sound with millisecond timestamp precision. This campaign includes the 'S' model 66 acquisition-channel GPS receiver. 

Limit 5 Per Customer

The 'D' model  99 acquisition-channel GPS + GLONASS receiver is available here. Note that the 'D' bundle uses the PA1616D module which processes both GPS and GLONASS satellite signals. This offers slightly more robust position estimates but with greater energy consumption.


Included in the bundle

  • Audiomoth Dev 
  • AudioMoth GPS Board
  • 2 pin and 4 pin JST-PH jumper cables to connect the two boards

JST-PH 4 PinJST-PH 2 pin


GPS Board Features

  • Time setting from GPS (PA1616S) 
    • 33 tracking/ 66 acquisition-channel GPS receiver
    • GPS Consumption current(@3.3V):
      • Acquisition: 25mA Typical
      • Tracking: 20mA Typical
  • Delayed start with magnetic reed switch 
  • Start and stop recording with magnet (ideal for controlling the device when inside an enclosure)
  • Module datasheet: https://www.cdtop-tech.com/products/pa1616s
  • Application note: GitHub - Using The Audiomoth GPS Board


AudioMoth Dev Features

  • Silicon Labs Wonder Gecko microcontroller
    • 48MHz 32-bit processor
    • DSP instruction support and floating-point unit
    • 256kB Flash
    • 32kB RAM plus an extra 256kB of external SRAM
  • On-board analog MEMS microphone, Sensitivity -38 dBV/Pa, 63 dBA SNR, 10Hz to 192kHz 
  • Sample rates up to 384kHz
  • 3.5 mm jack socket for external electret condenser microphones 
  • Micro-USB B port for power, configuration and for reprogramming the Flash
  • 5 separate JST-PH style headers for board-board/board-case integration
  • 2-pin JST-PH header for connecting external power supplies (3.3V to 6V)
  • 2-pin JST-PH header for powering external 3V boards or products from AudioMoth Dev – 3pin JST-PH header for external red and green LED’s
  • 3-pin JST-PH header for an external switch
  • 4-pin JST-PH header for multi-function 3V General Purpose I/O (GPIO)
  • 6-pin serial wire debug port
  • MicroSD card connector 
  • Datasheet: GitHub - Audiomoth Dev Datasheet



  • No batteries or battery holder included
  • All versions of AudioMoth firmware and apps are compatible with all hardware versions.
  • The AudioMoth GPS Board and AudioMoth Dev bundle is not compatible with the AudioMoth IPX7 Case.



Purchase Information

Unit Deliverable

One AudioMoth Dev 1.0.0, one AudioMoth GPS 'S' Board, and one of each 2 pin and 4 pin JST-PH jumper cables

Unit Price



Campaign Funded, ends when minimum unit count reached

Lead Time

7 Days after campaign end date


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