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GroupGets for Business

GroupGets for Business used to function as FLIR’s on-ramp to major distribution for their game-changing Lepton LWIR camera core, which established a new benchmark for resolution, price, size, and power consumption for compact, thermal imaging. GroupGets designed custom electronics and firmware to complement Lepton, and built a community of active, early adopters before Lepton reached large-scale distribution. Fast forwarding eight years, GroupGets still creates a wide range of custom electronics for Lepton as a business to customer brand, and it has grown into a major, value-added reseller of other FLIR uncooled LWIR thermal cameras, like a Boson.

Upon release of an “unofficial” open source product called PRUDAQ, Google asked GroupGets to prepare a couple units for sale at the time of launch. GroupGets collaborated with Google on NPI to make sure that quality units were ready for immediate sale worldwide.

Born in academia at University of Oxford and Southampton, Open Acoustic Devices is behind one of the most influential acoustic loggers for biodiversity and conservation research worldwide… the AudioMoth. GroupGets currently functions as a pre-order engine and virtual CM (Contract Manufacturer) for AudioMoth hardware production, global fulfillment, and tier one support.

Hamamatsu is a global leader in high quality and precision electro-optical devices. GroupGets for Enterprise created several, custom, Arduino-capable readout boards for their microspectrometer line to make them more accessible to a wider range of professional product developers and electronics enthusiasts.

Leverage the power of the GroupGets platform for New Product Introduction (NPI) to value-added reselling, inventory liquidation, and everything in between.


Leverage the GroupGets platform that uses pre-orders as products so you don’t have to front the capital for production, set bulk sale discounts for existing inventory, or gauge market interest for unofficial product releases. Let people vote with their dollars, building a community.

Value-added Reselling

Not only do we power pre-orders, we also operate an online electronics store where we sell stocked and drop-shipped items. We also create custom electronics, 3D-printed enclosures, and firmware/software to complement the enterprise products launched on GroupGets. In addition, we have existing distribution relationships with Digi-Key, Farnell, and so many more, and often resell our partners’ products there. GroupGets is big on its business to business practices and business to customer.

Virtual Contract Manufacturing

We have cultivated a close network of onshore and offshore partners to get electronics made cost effectively.

Global Fulfillment

We ship to over 60 countries.

Technical Support

Our technical staff can handle tier one support of your technical products from “where is my order?” to “why is my device not powering up?”

Early (beta) Release Friendly

Our community loves early access to cutting edge products and will reward you with great feedback and bug finds.

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