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GroupGets for Businesses

Discover how GroupGets and GetLab can help you reach new and diverse markets through targeted group buys.

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Reach New Markets

Too lean to support smaller buyers, diverse markets, or worldwide distribution? We can help. We specialize in helping users help themselves by building an active support community around your product.

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We are Beta Friendly

Bring us your unofficial products and betas. Our users love them and you will gain valuable insights.

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Make With GetLab

GetLab is our in-house design team that creates custom hardware and software to enhance your products. Some of their creations have gone on to major distribution channels such as Digi-Key Electronics, MCM Electronics, Future, and Sparkfun.

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Increase Sales With Diverse Group Buyers

Increase sales by selling your existing products to an aggregation of micro-buyers on GroupGets. Our users range from hobbyist makers and enthusiasts to senior engineers, scientists and product developers in major tech companies and organizations worldwide. All of them have a common goal to save money or to get a product that is out of reach. We enable them to collaboratively purchase to achieve these goals. We also offer private invite-only campaigns so you can choose who can back them.

Marketing, Billing, and Distribution

We want your product campaign to succeed just as much as you do. That is why your product will be promoted through our website and social media channels to a targeted user base. We can provide product reviews, how-to videos, blogs, and custom accessories for consumers to discover more about your product and create the next great application for them. Once successfully backed, we then collect the funds, send you a check, and optionally ship your product for you.

On-ramp to Distribution Highway

Our most successful partnership has been with FLIR Systems, Inc. (+$4B market cap) who has designated GroupGets as their “on ramp to the large distribution highway” for their breakthrough FLIR Lepton product line. Its initial minimum order quantity was $200,000 and clearly out of reach for most budgets. We took on support and distribution for smaller buyers worldwide and made it easier to use with custom accessory hardware and software.

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Check out the companies who have found success with GroupGets

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What People Are Saying About GroupGets


“I've been waiting for a site like this since, forever. Allowed access to components that would otherwise be inaccessible. Response and support from stakeholders are excellent, and continue to be so. Customer commitment, information, attention to correspondence are all excellent. Highly recommend working with these people.”

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“GroupGets is our on-ramp to the large distribution super highway.”

FLIR Systems, Inc.

“We are proud to partner with GroupGets to help us build our Keyport Maker Program. The GG team is exceptional, and their dedication to serving the maker community (from incredible deals on hard-to-source components to their awesome customer support) is exactly what we need to support the development of new Keyport compatible products“

Keyport, Inc.

“The GroupGets platform offers a powerful mix of a ready-to-use online storefront, a highly experienced marketing team, and access to a loyal customer base. As a company doing our first major product launch, our online retail options are limited — and the GroupGets campaign was perfect. The GroupGets team was able to help us get our campaign set up quickly. Further, as there is no upfront cost to launch our campaign on GroupGets, the pricing structure is a win-win. The GroupGets team is first rate and we will be releasing exclusives of our future products first on GroupGets.”

Breadware, Inc.

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