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While {Parts Shortage}

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert | August 31, 2021

While it's still tough to get parts, we've got our best-selling products like FLIR Boson and AudioMoth v1.2 in stock. If you are on the hunt for parts or have excess parts to sell, check out XScomponents below as a new resource to aid your search. ButterStick is finally going to manufacturing, and PureThermal OpenMV is infinitesimally close to funding. And if you're a proud owner of a tCam-Mini, we just made a little demo video for it.

tCam-Mini Instructional Video

tCam-Mini by danjuliodesigns transmits thermal data from a FLIR Lepton 3.5 over Wi-Fi. Funded on and manufactured by GroupGets via Hackster Launch, it is the best way to get get your Lepton on the airwaves thanks to the free companion software app that Dan developed for it. It's so sophisto that we decided to make a video to show you how truly amazing it is. Even Hackaday recently gave it a nod.

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ATMegaZero ESP32-S2 In Store

Fresh from being funded on shipped by GroupGets via Hackster Launch, the ATMegaZero ESP32-S2 is now available in our store. While there's no ATMega on board, there is a crispy Espressif ESP32-S2 module and an OLED display interface making this a legit low-cost IoT enabler powered by the latest version of CircuitPython. What makes it even better and bankable for the future, is that its creator, Eddie Espinal (aka @4Hackrr), is dedicated to building out a module ecosystem supported by community feedback, excellent documentation, videos, and his infectious energy. Want proof? Check out his latest video where Eddie explains the difference between this board and his first release, the ATMegaZero.
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Thermal Cameras in Stock

Our supply chain team and  partners are pulling off magic on a weekly basis to keep our thermal camera systems getting built and stocked. That said, we've got FLIR Bosons, Leptons and PureThermals, tCam-Minis, and even DIY-Thermocam V3s (now with a pre-assembly option) all in stock in our store while supplies last. Get them while you can!
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Group Buy Roundup

We've got two exciting updates on the Group Buy front. The ButterStick FPGA dev board by Greg Davill featuring a Lattice ECP5 and a SYZYGY interface is finally going to manufacturing! Thanks to every backer for being patient and sticking with it. It will however ship with a single no-pop config since only one TI part was holding up production. The tradeoff is described by Greg Davill this Twitter thread and on the ButterStick campaign forum, and we think it's far better than waiting until '22 to fab (but seriously, c'mon TI!). Alternatively, if you are sitting on at least a few hundred units of TPS2121 to sell, give us a shout. We'll also be sure to ship the unit with a pinout card and warning about the no-pop. Miss out on the Group Buy? We will definitely have some available for store in a few weeks after we ship to campaign backers.

Want more good news? PureThermal OpenMV is extremely close to funding. BattLab-One Round 2 and DIY-Thermocam V3 Round 3 are also making progress. kimχ micro dev just closed. There's a new wave of campaigns coming soon and it's never been easier to start your own!

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Still searching high and low for electronic components to save your production run? XScomponents is the first peer-to-peer component marketplace designed to connect companies with new, unused electronic parts with buyers across the world. Contract manufacturers and OEMs can sign up as a seller on the XScomponents website and post components for free.  Every posting comes up in Octopart searches and the Marketplace collects a small fee only if your parts sell.  Better yet, sellers set their price, establish minimum order quantity, and ship parts directly to the buyer. Thier platform has already saved countless production runs and created revenue for sellers with parts they otherwise couldn’t sell.

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 LoPy Inventory Liquidation

The LoPy L01 is a powerful LoRa, BLE, and WiFi radio module. The creator of this campaign happens to have an excess supply and is looking to move them at an unbeatable price. LoPy is the only MicroPython enabled microcontroller with all three radios. Pycom makes an OEM reference board that is compatible with the L01 for rapid prototyping. Just imagine the IoT possibilities with this one small module.

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AudioMoth V1.1.0 Bundle

Once we're done selling through existing stock of AudioMoth v1.2, more won’t be available until we can get more Silicon Labs Gecko MCUs in mid-2022 (and if you have a stash, we'd love to buy them). In the meantime, we wanted to make our surplus stock of the previous hardware version, AudioMoth v1.1.0, available in a small discounted bundle campaign for those needing AudioMoths for urgent upcoming research projects. The differences between the two are very subtle, owing to the EOL of the microphone on the v1.1.0. Alternatively, the AudioMoth "Dev", which is a v1.2 with JST headers for modular expansion, is now available in store fresh off its introduction last month.
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