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We’re Still Operating

Written By: Ron Justin, Matthew Navarro | April 01, 2020

We know that there are a lot of hardships out there for everyone but wanted to reach out and confirm that we are operational and existing campaigns will ship on time. Distributors are still shipping parts and our local CM's are still building boards. If you have a good idea for a campaign to help solve COVID-19 related PPE shortages and other issues, we'd love to hear about it. 

We are Operational

As we all try to take care of ourselves, our families, and others during these challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to let you know that we are still operating on a mostly from home basis. The one exception is that we are allowing one shipper to fulfill orders once per day from our Reno HQ since many of the thermal camera devices that we make are being used in the COVID-19 fight. Our local CM's are all online and we are ramping up production of the entire PureThermal line.

How Can We Help Your COVID-19 Fight?

We’re very inspired to see how the technical and DIY community is responding to PPE shortages. Adafruit is producing masks and a number of people have published related projects on Hackster and other project sites. We have had a few inquiries to launch group buys for masks and open respirators. Some concerns we have about that are that we cannot easily validate the quality, source, or effectiveness of these devices so we need to be careful to avoid false promises which could have significant consequences for end-users (and us). This doesn’t mean that we are not willing to host these types of crowd purchase campaigns, but it does mean that a lot of homework and vetting needs to be done by an initiator first. For those who want to primarily help their local community, we do have an “invitation-only” campaign feature so you can restrict participants to who you invite via email. Please reach out for more information about how that works.


AudioMoth Round 10 Update

Another AudioMoth round, another record. This little open source SiLabs Gecko-powered audio logger is in reality the Honey Badger of group buys. Global Pandemic be damned, this round will be the biggest one ever. Not sure who is building a stockpile and for what purpose, but we support it nonetheless. PCB's are already in production and risk parts have been procured. 

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OrangeCrab Update

There are officially less than two weeks to catch an OrangeCrab via its inaugural round via Hackster Launch. Already well over it's target goal, this compact Lattice ECP5-based FPGA dev board by Greg Davill has become quite the darling of Twitter. We know that some of you procrastinators are out there ready to back on the last day making it pointless for us to complete the parts kit but the Lattice parts and PCB's are in fact ordered, so take that!

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Car Ethernet Adapter

If you are the type that needs a high bandwidth automotive ethernet connection to your car's ECU, then we're auto-impressed. This campaign needs some love so c'mon gearheads, take advantage of this lockdown time to turn some bits into extra HP.

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Boson ADK - Coming Soon

Speaking of automotive gear...