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This Thursday, We're Like Wednesday [Adams]

Written By: GroupGets | October 27, 2022

GIF of Adams Family Values Movie clip: Wednesday pulls out a lit match while a little girl looks scared.
As we transition from spooky month to turkey month, we want to spark your excitement for our biggest sale of the year; kindle relationships with an upcoming conference hosted by Barbastella Echology; and ignite your imagination of the all possibilities of the newest campaign, the gCore, and FLIR Bosons we have in stock.
An AudioMoth device is strapped to a tree

Register for the AudioMoth Online Conference!

For the first time ever, join an online conference dedicated to everyone's favorite bioacoustics device, the AudioMoth! You'll engage with the OpenAcoustics developers, field-leading scientists studying multiple phenomena, and fellow researchers through 5 sessions the week of November 28th. Tickets are on sale now - if you are interested in joining, but have difficulties covering fees, reach out to info@barbastellaechology.com
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A gCore, a LCD display screen is lit up while plugged into a battery.

ESP32 Development Board for Portable GUI-based Designs: gCore

If you've ever struggled to kludge together traditional dev modules, LCD displays and power management circuitry for you application then you'll appreciate the sophisticated feature set. gCore frees you to focus on your application be it a control device, sensor display, or game and deliver a polished solution

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A PureThermal 3 board is next to a half-eaten pumpkin pie slice.

Throw Out Your Leftovers Day Sale

Out with the old, and in with the new! Starting November 29th until December 1st, you can throwout questionable quiche and get new equipment for the year! Our sale is going to include everything in the store - check your inbox, and subscribe with your favorite social media channel for upcoming details!

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A rendering by NASA of their new heat shield design in space.

NASA Takes the Teledyne FLIR Boson Thermal Camera Module Out of this World 

NASA chose FLIR's Boson for its small size, lightweight, and passively cooled infrared camera with 640x480 thermal resolution. The initial test of NASA's new, heat shield design will be in November 2022.
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FLIR package boxes sit on a scale in a packing room of boxes.

FLIR Boson, TAU & ADK in-stock


Current Inventory (Item / Quantity):

  • Boson Tripod Mount /x1

  • Tau 2 VPC Module /x2

  • Boson 640 - Radiometric Professional (60Hz 24.4mm 18°) /x3

  • Boson 640 - Radiometric Consumer (60Hz - 24.4mm 18°) /x1

  • Boson 640 - Consumer (60Hz - 4.9mm 95°) /x1

  • ADK - GMSL 1 - 24° /x1

  • ADK - GSML 1 - 75° /x2

  • Boson VPC with Cables /x10

  • Boson VPC Accessory with Analog /x16

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A PureThermal 3 board is fit inside a 3D printed black case, about 2 inches by 2 inches large.

GroupGets in the Wild: PureThermal 3 Case

Pierre Muth, designed a protective case for the PureThermal 3. (We love our clever makers and do-er's!) Check out his awesome design, and make it yourself by visiting the link below!

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Highlights from the GroupGets Store

PureThermal 3 boards are displayed in a fall scene: pumpkins, leaves and haystacks are in the background.

10% off PureThermal 3

Ready to print out your own case designed by Pierre Muth, but need a PureThermal 3? In honor of Muth, we're putting the PureThermal 3 on a 10% off sale for a limited time! Use code: MuthIsTheMan

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FLIR Lepton 3.5
FLIR Lepton 3.5
Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer and Breakout Board v2
Hamamatsu C12880MA MEMS u-Spectrometer and Breakout Board v2

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