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Score at The GroupGets Store

Score at The GroupGets Store

Written By: Matthew Navarro | August 29, 2019

Come one, come all, to The Great Score at the GroupGets Store! Two of our hottest products are back in stock and one of them rhymes with sloth. We have a new lower price on the tiniest of PureThermals, and even though we're plugging the store today, we've got some heartwarming hardware group buy updates.

AudioMoth in Store Now & Round 8 Coming

This is not a dream, you are reading this headline correctly. The incredible AudioMoth has landed in our store and is available for immediate fulfillment. Whether you need some units for an important research trip or simply wish you ordered more from the Round 7 batch, this is your opportunity. Supplies are limited, so get your expedited AudioMoths today! If you want to however lock in the lowest price and you are willing to wait a couple months, the Round 8 group buy will launch this Friday!


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Lepton BB in Store

Step up and get the Lepton Breakout Board before they are banished to the EOL grave. FLIR has announced the End of Life of this time-tested breakout board which was our first internal design to ever go to major distributors (sniffle). This is the last opportunity to get this classic before an updated yet larger and more expensive version arrives. We have a limited supply, and this is the last batch that FLIR is ever making, so make sure to get them while you can if you have the need.




HKCam Advanced & NetThermal

Just because school is back in session, doesn’t mean your home should be unattended. Our two security camera campaigns are moving along at a steady pace, and won’t be around for long. The HKCam Advanced is an Apple Homekit controlled security camera with built in night vision and a durable case. Don’t care about visible light? Don’t fret, we also have the NetThermal which just funded. NetThermal is a Wi-Fi connected thermal camera featuring the FLIR Lepton, an Onion Omega2+, and our very own PureThermal Mini Pro that allows you to stream thermal footage from anywhere.


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Datum Trio

Speaking about campaigns that are almost funded, the datum trio of boards are almost gone. This magnificent trio of boards are plug and play sensors that can measure, distance, light, and inertia. Built to be as reliable and accessible as the Lego Mindstorm, datum boards are ready for anything from hobbyist projects to high school robotics competitions. Don't want to take our word for it? Check out what Adafruit did with them. Spoiler alert, it involves CircuitPython!


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New PTmini Price

Last but not least, we have some news about the PureThermal Mini. During our Friday company lunch, we started talking about all of the cool projects that PureThermals have been a part of, and specifically what sort of innovation the PureThermal Mini has enabled. At the end of the conversation, we thought about the future of the PureThermal Mini with respect the the Pro and the Two, and had to make a very important decision. As of now ...the PureThermal Mini ...IS ONLY $79.99! We absolutely love the incredible innovations that our community are developing, so we wanted to do our part to make thermal a more accessible technology. Go forward and build the future, love GroupGets.


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