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Roaring 20s

Written By: William Massey, Ron Justin | February 06, 2020

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Hi there, it's been awhile. You were probably worried that the newsletter was cancelled since we didn’t send one in January. Well don’t fret, the barely legible newsletter you’ve come to know and love is charging into the roaring 20’s with all new products, and even better campaigns. 

Raspberry Pi 4 with PureThermal Breakout Board Guide

Characterized by flappy dresses, massive economic growth, and The Great Gatsby, the roaring 1920’s were a massively prosperous time for western culture. Now, one century later, our techno wizard Matt is kicking off the roaring 2020’s with a gift to the world. With a single swipe of his keyboard wand, he has prepared a comprehensive guide to integrating the PureThermal breakout board to the new Pi 4. Covering every step from wiring to coding, this guide is jam packed full of information that 2019 simply could not handle.
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You’re no ordinary hardware connoisseur, oh no, you have a sophisticated palate that demands excellence. Well how about a deal so rare that it could only be offered during this forthcoming decade of opulence? We thought so, one moment please. Behold! The first ever GroupGets campaign for the FLIR One Pro, an immaculate piece of hardware that embodies the decadence of this newly christened decade. This offering is moving quickly, so be sure to establish your standing in hardware high society by backing your unit today.
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Technological wizardry seems to be running rampant. I don’t know if this new decade is mirroring the abundance of the 1920’s or the arcane myths of the 1420’s. PureConnect is a DIY programming connector built around versatility, and the promotion of zero cost PCB footprints to allow for MCU programming. Able to fit a standard 10 pin ARM-cortex, STM SWD 6 pin, and Microchip 5 pin programming headers, the PureConnect is the perfect solution for avoiding expensive off the shelf adapters. What sort of other mystical hardware will GroupGets conjure?
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STM32 CoreModule

Turns out that magically summoning hardware is a twofer sort of deal at this point in history. Known by its beautifully simplistic title, the STM32G031 Core Module is a simple, yet powerful conjuration from our guild of microelectronic magicians. Built to be one of the lowest cost Cortex-M0+ development boards on the market, this series of microcontrollers is one of the simplest to work on on the account of the easy to solder SO8N footprint. Form and function work in tandem as this ultra small board comes equipped with an STM32G031 8 pin microcontroller, onboard 3.3v regulator, and can fit any breadboard with standard 2 x 4 pin 100 mil headers. Alright, that’s my last bit about wizards, thank you for your time.
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Long LCD Bar Display FullHD

Excess seems to be the theme of the 20’s, both past and present, so why not have more of what you actually use. We all use LCD screens, so our friends at Kopernik Software came to party with an extra wide, 1920x158 full HD LCD screen. Perfect for product displays, advertising, price tags, logos, stock tickers, or whatever sort of wide information you care about.
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PureThermal Mini Pro Qwiic for FLIR Lepton

We pride ourselves on being agile enough to actually listen and react to customers with constructive feedback. One such customer told us that our rather new "PTmini" Pro Design would be better with a Qwiic connecter instead of the molex pico blade that it had. We all gathered, pondered, and absolutely agreed! Behold the new PTmini Pro with a Qwiic connector. Please note that we no longer recommend the older molex version of the PTmini Pro for new designs but we are still making them for orders of 200 or more. Don't want 200? Well we heard of this platform called GroupGets that can solve that problem.
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