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Online Conference - AudioMoth for Wildlife Research

Written By: GroupGets | September 12, 2023




Online Conference AudioMoth for Wildlife Research


September 25th-28th, 2023

Scheduled for late September, Barbastella Echology is holding its second online conference focused on the bioacoustic recorder we know and love, the AudioMoth. The conference is led by Nils Bouillard, head of Barbastella Echology and bat enthusiast, and will contain four sessions over Zoom from Monday, September 25th to Thursday, September 28th. All sessions will be recorded and available to ticket holders after the conference ends. 
The AudioMoth has been used on a wide range of taxa (plural of “taxon,” a taxonomic group of any rank, such as a species, family, or class) across the world. The four sessions will cover twelve topics including studies on bats in Hong Kong, birds in Kenya, free-living house mice, and more. Also discussed will be practical information, such as AudioMoth’s performance in extreme weather conditions as well as AudioMoth’s advancements. 
Participating in the sessions are researchers such as John Allcock, Carly Batist, Tom Lewis, and Nathon Wolek, to name just a few. Even one of AudioMoth’s creators, Andy Hill, will speak during the conference. 
Barbastella Echology is even offering a discount to early career researchers and students.

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