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New Campaigns for 2020

Written By: William Massey, Ron Justin, Matthew Navarro | December 26, 2019

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Snow is gently blanketing the landscape in the Northern Hemisphere, fires are being built in the hearth, and WE ARE SO EXCITED! We are also very thankful to each and every one of our campaign backers, store customers, and partners. We wish you all a warm holiday season and we've got some great new campaigns below to take you into 2020 on a high note.

Red Pitaya STEMlab 125-10 Starter Kit

Red Pitaya has blessed us with a group buy for an amazingly versatile and sophisticated STEMlab Starter Kit. This credit card sized board has way more depth than its good looks. It can acquire and generate RF signals, rocks an FPGA, and is ready for some pretty serious work. With fully open source hardware and software applications such as an Oscilloscope app, a Linux OS with LabView and MATLAB interfaces, this board is not only one of the best STEM kits that we've seen, it also appears ready for professional grade prototyping as well. Step up your STEM skills or even better, use it to mentor someone in need of them. We know what we want to see in our stockings this year!
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AudioMoth Round 9

It’s the most wonderful time of the year because AudioMoth Round 9 is live and with just a tiny Tweet, it's pretty much already funded. AudioMoth is the perfect solution for any audio project from recording the rare Sheath-tailed bat Coleura seychellensis or the neighborhood singers that always show up in December. Versatility is the keystone of AudioMoth’s success. Fueled by 3 AA batteries, a microSD card, and a simple configuration GUI, the AudioMoth can record hundreds of hours of audio on a single set of batteries. Whether you are a field-hardened AudioMoth veteran or a newcomer to the platform, check out the latest campaign to get the best possible price.

Fun fact, we've shipped over 10,000 units of AudioMoth to date and we're just going keep on doing it. 

PSA for Round 8 backers:  If anyone is having trouble with the 64GB microSD cards on the AudioMoth you may need to flash the firmware to the latest v1.2.0. You can find a step by step guide here: https://www.openacousticdevices.info/flashing
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Have You Seen inspectAR Yet?

inspectAR is on a mission to accelerate hardware development with an obviously great use of augmented reality. Eliminate the need to constantly switch between printed schematics, EDA tools, loose components, and the board itself. inspectAR brings all relevant information about a design into a single place so the user can check values, datasheets, connected nets, and component locations - instantly.

Interact with any physical circuit board in real-time by highlighting any net, component, or layer. Build up interactive assembly guides so anyone can walk through hand-assembly of a particular board. Design step-by-step onboarding and test-setup guides to ensure that your hardware is interacted with exactly as intended. Inspect, debug, rework, and assemble PCBs in less time, without mistake or frustration.

Need to find the closest pad or via to probe ground? Want to confirm the values of R3, C22, and L1? Trying to figure out why an LED isn’t turning on, and need to backtrack through the circuit and probe the appropriate signal paths through diodes, IC’s, and components without silkscreen designators? inspectAR helps you solve these issues, and more, getting you up and running with your hardware faster than ever before.

We've been working with them to get some of our hardware up on the inspectAR platform (LoFive R1, AudioMoth, and PureThermal 2 are live now) and making our technology accessible to hundreds of thousands of Engineers, makers, and hardware enthusiasts worldwide. Look out for more boards on the platform, along with custom user-guides, pinouts, and test-setups. This is just the beginning. Get started at https://www.inspectar.com/
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Gridit Campaign

Sometimes the stress of the holidays can boil over and we want to SCREAM **** IT!!! But thanks to our newest campaign, those four asterisks won’t cost you a dime to the swear jar. Grid-It is a versatile organization tool that provides endless combinations for organizing your digital devices and other electronics. Grid-It is perfect for organizing your travel bag by keeping all of your devices and cables secure. Unless you enjoy playing hide and seek with your pens and cables, Grid-It is the perfect Holiday gift for you and the people in your life.
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UV "Hot Box" Project on Hackster

Our favorite Reno pubs are under siege from elves! We get it, they need a break from making toys. But why do these jingle bell clad hooligans need to cause so much chaos? Thankfully our newest Hackster project, the UV Hot Box, has brought some order to the mayhem. This DIY project was dreamed up by our newest hire Nick, who moonlights as a bouncer and needed a more efficient method to identify UV ink stamps. Providing better brightness and a larger lighting area, this project surpasses any other available UV solution. Ensure the success of your bouncers and security guards by equipping them with the incredible UV Hot Box.
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Our Biggest Little Hardware Happy Hour

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our second Biggest Little Hardware Happy Hour had an incredible turnout, and we saw some mind boggling projects from local makers. Thank you to everyone that came out to support this event, thank you to our friends at Pinion brewery for hosting us, and thank you for all the great ideas for our next event. There will definitely be more in 2020!