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May The Fourth Be With You!

Written By: GroupGets | May 04, 2023


Moving graphic photo of starwars scene when Princess Laya confesses her love for Han Solo, and Han Solo responds "I know" - but it has an AudioMoth device on his face.

May the Fourth be with you! The force was strong with all of our bioacoustic researchers in April with sold-out AudioMoth and HydroMoth campaigns; we’re looking forward to finding balance in May with a variety of campaigns and new devices in our store!


They’re going – going – almost gone!
Join these campaigns before they close!


A picture of the Circuitmess gaming console against a yellow and blue background

Nibble: DIY Gaming Console

The CircuitMess Nibble STEM kit allows you to create your own gaming console, and if you’re up to the challenge (and know C++ or are willing to learn) you can code your own games through their custom-made code editor. You'll gain some valuable hardware skills such as soldering, hardware assembly, and how game consoles work. There’s never been a better way to learn and play! Our campaign saves you $30 off MSRP!

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A picture of the CircuitMess DIY STEM Kit batmobile against a dark background and white foreground.

Batmobile STEM Kit

Build your own CircuitMess Batmobile! There are three packages offered to let you go crazy and build your own Batmobile. The kid in us is giddy just thinking about it – hell, the adult in us is giddy just thinking about it! If you get the Ultimate Kit, you’ll also get a chance to practice your soldering skills, which is pretty super. Only 8 spots left in joining the campaign!

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A picture of the PureThermal Micro Breakout Board on a USA quarter demonstrating how small it is.

PureThermal Micro

They say that size doesn’t matter. Usually, that’s a blatant lie – the PureThermal Micro Breakout Board is an exception. Measuring a mere 12.2 mm x 14mm, this is the smallest Lepton breakout board on the market. Despite its size, this micro BoB is just as powerful as its larger counterparts. Save $5 with the campaign!

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A picture of the Pure STM32WL development board with a united states quarter against it to show how small the board is.

Pure STM32WL Feather

You don’t want to miss this decked out dev-board: Pure STM32WL Feather. It integrates a powerful cortex M4 and M0 with a LoRa compatible radio and a user friendly pinout to make low power wireless devices quickly and easily. When you join the campaign you have the ability to purchase the APAMS-118 SMA Antenna as an add-on.

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Get ready, get set, GO!

These campaigns are launching this month, so be ready for them.


A picture of the cololight: a hexagonal LED light stand

Cololight PRO Kit

The Cololight PRO Kit comes with 6 RGB light panels and a stone base. You can stack them, unstack them, build, and redesign them however you want. They are highly customizable with 16 million RGB colors! You can even do an ombre with the maximum light effect customization with individual bead control. 

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A picture of the ICE-V Wireless development board, a purple development board against a white background

ICE-V Wireless (Round 3)

A crowd favorite, the ICE-V Wireless is back again for Round Three – FINISH THEM! ICE-V Wireless is an ICE40UP5K+ESP32-C3 development board, allowing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control of the the FPGA by combining an Espressif ESP32C3HN4 SoC with a Lattice iCE40 FPGA. 

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A screen capture of a scientist scuba diving into a coral reef with a hydromoth device in his hand.

Conservation Tech for Any Environment: The Many Uses of HydroMoth

Did you hear the news? Open Acoustic’s underwater acoustic logger, HydroMoth, was shown in use during the BBC show Our Changing Planet! They are using HydroMoths to listen to, and hopefully improve, coral reefs. Not only that, we wrote an article about all the amazing ways you can utilize a HydroMoth.

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A thermal imaging photo of singer, Weeknd, as part of his music video.

Creepn with FLIR: The Weeknd, Diddy, 21 Savage, and Metro Boomin in Thermal for Their Latest Music Video

You can read the article on FLIR's website about their involvement of the FLIR A8303 in The Weeknd’s music video for his song “CREEPN” featuring Diddy, 21 Savage, and Metro Boomin.

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New in the Store!


Closed-Loop Spectroscopy Lab: Light-Mixing Demo Kit

A prototyping autonomous research laboratory using a Raspberry Pi Pico W microcontroller, an RGB LED, a light sensor, and optimization algorithms.




Bundle the Raspberry Pi CM4 & MiniCab!

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4002016) & MiniCab

Get your Raspberry Pi CM4 while supplies last, and bundle it with a MiniCab!