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PureThermal OpenMV Launch

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert, Crystal Perkins | May 27, 2021

PureThermal OpenMV 

Have you been looking for a hackable handheld thermal camera that features visible light overlay with a 5MP OV5640 camera, a 4.3” 800x480 IPS TFT touch screen, and can be programmed in Python with the MicroPython API and OpenMV IDE? Well that's just the start of what this board can do thanks to the super powerful STM32H743XI processor on board. The PureThermal OpenMV is the culmination of a deep collaboration between OpenMV, Hackster, and GroupGets and we're really proud to finally bring it to life.

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Introducing the μMoth

We've mentioned that the Open Acoustic Devices team always be innovating. The μMoth is a micro-size, low-cost, full-spectrum acoustic logger adapted from the original AudioMoth  to be used by researchers for animal-borne monitoring. μMoth measures just 32 x 24mm, weighs only 5g, and maintains full compatibility with all versions existing AudioMoth firmware. This campaign is limited to 100 units as we ramp up production but don't sweat it if you miss it - there will be more available relatively soon.

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Rugged 3D Printed Boson Case

Do you have a FLIR Boson and haven’t used it outside yet for fear of breaking it? We've created a  new 3D printed ruggedized case and it is being used for NASA’s BRAILLE project. This enclosure will help to protect the FLIR Boson camera core from light impacts and debris. These will soon be available for purchase through our store after a round of battle testing by JPL.

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ATMegaZero 65% Funded 

It's clutch time for ATMegaZero! Less than 30 days into their Hackster launch campaign on GroupGets, ESP32-S2 is already 65% funded. The ATMegaZero is more than just your typical ESP32 dev board. This highly integrated, low-power, single-core Wi-Fi microcontroller development board comes with an onboard microSD card slot and a 30-pin OLED display connector compatible with SSD1306 & SH1106 IC displays. It's also CircuitPython compatible and its amazing creator, @4Hackrr, is developing quite a few shields to accompany it that will be ready soon after it ships. Calling all procrastinators, let's go! 
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OrangeCrab Now at Farnell

Summer is quickly approaching and it’s time to get your OrangeCrab FPGA Feather on! This Greg Davill creation was the FIRST Hackster Launch Campaign through GroupGets and it is has now gone into major distribution with Farnell Global. The OrangeCrab is small enough to carry in your pocket, yet powerful enough to get the job done. This device comes with a pre-loaded DFU bootloader, direct USB connection to the FPGA, and 1Gbit of on-board DDR3 memory. Given how hard it is to get any Lattice FPGAs right now, this could be your best bet to quickly get prototyping with one. 
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kimχ micro Display

The kimχ micro Display Lid is one the most highly anticipated kimχ micro accessories in development. The display lid expands the IO of the kimχ micro with a 5" touchscreen interface which our team has been "testing" with some retro gaming. So what do you call a single board computer with no input or output? Sngle Bard Cmputer!

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