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kimχ micro is serving up hotness

Written By: Ronald Justin | June 26, 2020

We hope that everyone is still staying healthy. These are challenging times but like you, we're still making things happen so with that, let's get to it. AudioMoth Round 11 is live and thriving. FLIR Lepton 3.5's have alchemized into unobtainium for the short term but alternative solutions do exist. We're developing an SBC platform that is getting unexpected press from some of our favorite outlets. Speaking of SBC, OrangeCrab is just about to ship!

AudioMoth Round 11

The OpenAcoustics team has been picking up the pace. Higher frequency of rounds and firmware/software updates, new accessories, and more that we can’t mention yet. This is what makes it so much fun, and with that, Round 11 is now live and over 300% funded so back yours now knowing that yet another round will fund in just a week.
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kimχ micro on CNX Software and Tom’s Hardware

Our forthcoming open source kimχ micro SBC powered by the NXP i.MX 8M mini is starting to get some notable media attention which was not expected this early in the game. A bit of a flex by our CTO and likely a welcomed break from thermal vision systems, kimχ micro is the type of hardware that we target for industrial-grade embedded systems. It’s hard to consider an SBC platform without an mPCIe slot as anything other than a toy or teaching tool so to be clear, kimχ micro is not a toy - it’s a seriously badass SBC that won't be coming with a coloring book or a game on board. But don’t take our word for it, see what CNX Software and Tom’s Hardware are saying. 

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FLIR Radiometric Tau2

We know that a lot of you are hunting for FLIR Lepton 3.5’s for your radiometric thermal imaging applications. There is still a global shortage of them due to COVID-19 and the resulting need to remotely detect elevated body temperatures in the workplace and at travel hubs. We are doing the best that we can to supply them and have orders in to replenish our stock, but they will come in asynchronous spurts. We’d like to advise that when demand gets this high this for anything, so does the fraud so if an offer on eBay for a Lepton 3.5 seems too good to be true, it very much is. We don’t expect to see a more steady supply until August to be honest, so you may want to consider a Radiometric Tau2 in the mean time to keep your prototyping in motion. We are able to supply them with much shorter lead times and the extra pixels are so choice.

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OrangeCrab Shipping Soon

Good news for those who backed an OrangeCrab FPGA development platform by Greg Davill. The first graduate from Hackster Launch, OrangeCrab is in production now and we expect to start shipping units next week through the first week of July. If you missed out on backing, we will have extra units in our store once all the crowd purchased units ship out.