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Introducing Lepton FS

Written By: Ron Justin, Matt Navarro | October 27, 2021

Like you, there are a lot of manufacturers that we'll be waiting on for all of 2022 to get parts. Fortunately, Teledyne FLIR is not one of them. Must be something to manufacturing your own products - go figure. That said, this newsletter welcomes two new FLIR products as well as μMoth Round 2 from our favourite Brits, Open Acoustic Devices.

Teledyne FLIR Tau 2+

The new Teledyne FLIR Tau 2+ is the most advanced, highest performance longwave infrared (LWIR) Tau 2 camera. It maintains the battle-tested Tau 2 mechanical, electrical, and optical interfaces allowing for plug-and-play with existing designs. With new 1.5x sensitivity improvement and an entirely redesigned image processing engine, it delivers dramatically enhanced scene contrast and sharpness. It is an ideal thermal camera module for unmanned vehicles, security applications, and thermal sights. 
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Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS

Introducing the most affordable factory Lepton EVER to make your thermal imaging application more economically viable at scale. The FLIR Lepton FS is a non-radiometric 160 x 120 resolution micro thermal camera module with slightly reduced thermal sensitivity, reduced scene dynamic range, and up to 3% inoperable pixels.  What you get in return is a factory Lepton that is the lowest priced Lepton ever. GroupGets is the only place to get Lepton FS and shortly after this group buy campaign, they will be available in store and for direct volume orders for years to come.
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Forest Fire Detection with CV

A backer of the Lepton FS campaign (above) shared a recent article on PyImageSearch about their automated wildfire detection system that they've been working on featuring the FLIR Lepton. We love that he trained his algorithms with our PureThermal 2 before moving the system to a Raspberry Pi. Incidentally, if you want to learn more about computer vision, PyImageSearch looks like a great place to start.
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μMoth Round 2

Quietly launched a couple weeks ago, μMoth  (“micro-moth”) Round 2 is already more than halfway funded. It's a much smaller version of the original AudioMoth acoustic logger from Open Acoustic Devices that doesn't sacrifice on quality. We've already got all the parts so there won't be any delays getting these built and shipped.
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Shipping Updates

The ButterStick boards and accessory breakouts are all good to go but Greg is fine-tuning a test fixture to aid bring-up and test so we're still a few weeks out from shipping but at least we're not waiting on parts. PureThermal OpenMV will be shipping in December and will then be available in our store and on SparkFun. DIY-Thermocam V3 Round 3 has begun shipping so keep an eye out for yours.

IoT Product Dev Con

Our fellow Renoites at IoTerra are putting on a virtual IoT Product Development Conference on November 16th that will be a fun and inspiring event for anyone interested in the many aspects of connected product development. There's already a great list of speakers and exhibitors along with us so stop by and say hello.

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Halloween... Plus?

With daily mask wearing, empty store shelves, year-long delays on parts, and other troubling global events it's hard not to think that every day is Halloween lately. Regardless, we're going to have some fun and we hope you will too this week on Halloween+.