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Introducing Hackster Launch

Written By: Ron Justin, Matthew Navarro | March 19, 2020

We are very excited to finally announce a new partnership with Hackster and to celebrate we have a very special campaign from @GregDavill! Still not entertained? AudioMoth just unleashed Round 10, zGlue wants you to design your own chips on the cheap, and there's still a few more goodies below to make our collective lockdown more creative.

Hackster Launch!

What happens when you combine our tried-and-true crowd purchasing platform, made by actual hardware developers for hardware developers, with the most vibrant community of hardware creators at Hackster? We not only dared to ask, we made it happen, and it's called Hackster Launch. Welcome to a new era of hardware crowdfunding backed by a deep integration of technical, marketing, community, supply chain, and distribution support.
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Highly anticipated, Greg Davill's Good Stuff Department's stunning OrangeCrab, featuring a Lattice ECP5 FPGA and 1Gbit of DDR3, memory is now live! Greg is well known for his electronics projects and photography on social media and over the years we've watched him develop a very unique design style. Aesthetically interesting (it's Orange!) yet practical with its adherence to Adafruit's slim feather spec to let you connect it to a wide variety of peripherals, we not only appreciate what is on the board but also what is not on the board. 

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zGlue OmniChip Dev Kit

We are clearly in the midst of a rapid democratization of ASIC development. Want to quickly and cheaply make your own tiny low-power system on chip, or "ZiP", with a sensor, memory, and even a Nordic nRF52832? zGlue has you amazingly covered. We can't wait to eventually see campaigns for customs ZiP's using their "Smart Fabric" technology appear on GroupGets so get to it!

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AudioMoth Round 10

Round 9 shipped so the OpenAcousticDevices team pulled the lever to launch Round 10 which is already looking to be the biggest round yet. If you don't know already, AudioMoth is a fully open audio data logger being deployed in jungles and rainforests across the planet for conservation research. GroupGets is proud to have enabled the funding and production for well over 10,000 units since its inception and there appears to be no end to this virtuous cycle. Kudos to TOAD team for keeping things fresh with a steady stream of software and firmware enhancements. The pipeline of what's next is exciting and we can't wait to show it to you.

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LoDev S76S

LoRa® is still the talk of the town for long range low-power wireless needs and theLoDev S76S is an intriguing option to experiment with. We know a lot of you, much like us, are STM32 fans so it's worth noting that the FCC pre-certified AcSip S76S SiP on board rocks an STM32L073 along with the LoRa® radio. This also makes it compatible with ST's Mbed IDE to make your prototyping a bit more rapid. 

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Portable Spectrometer Lumini T

So here's the thing. Spectrometers are not cheap and we know because we've made a few systems that used to be quite popular in the early days of GroupGets. The raw sensing components, like the Hamamatsu C12880MA, still have a lot of human craftsmanship in the manufacturing process and they are not easily available. That all said, this programmable and portable USB spectrometric camera is an honest bargain at the stated price if we can take out 8 backed units.