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Introducing AudioMoth Dev

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert, Crystal Perkins | July 28, 2021

AudioMoth Dev

Open Acoustic Devices is adding a new device to the AudioMoth family. Now introducing AudioMoth Dev, the development version of the original open source full-spectrum acoustic monitoring device. This board has the same basic hardware as the classic AudioMoth, but features JST style headers for easy access to the GPIO and other circuitry so you can easily connect peripherals. And if you're designing a custom peripheral, we definitely want to hear about it! With a limited amount of 200 units available, that are in production now, this campaign will sell out in days so be quick. We'll make more available as supply chain permits.  AudioMoth is also once again making headlines, this time in the Economist's Technology Quarterly. You can catch the link to the article in the campaign.
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Shipping Updates

We probably don't need to tell you that chips are still as hard to get as clean air in the Western US these days. We're going to extraordinary lengths to get parts, even from cringey brokers, so here's an update on closed campaign shipping status. AudioMoth Round 14 is currently shipping to backers and is pretty much on track. ATMega Zero ESP32 is in production and so far is experiencing just a two-week delay. Our estimated lead time for ButterStick was extended to November of this year back in May and so far we don't have an update there, but we are monitoring it. DIY-Thermocam v3 is on schedule. Burgduino, creator of the PiKnox and Larson Scanner 2021 campaigns, has been set back by trying to get parts through customs in Greece which are at reduced staff due to COVID. He is doing all that he can to manage this but it is largely out of his control. He is staying in communication with us so we'll keep updating you on this and all other delayed campaigns on a regular basis in this newsletter going forward.

Rounds on Repeat

You asked, we delivered! Round 2 of the BattLab-One is now active on GroupGets. The BattLab-One from Bluebird Labs simulates standard battery voltages, in hardware, and captures both active events and sleep currents from 10uA to 500mA. This TI MSP430 microcontroller-based device simulates standard batteries for Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Alkaline, NiMh, NiCd, also featuring a "what-if " analysis to optimize the battery life of your product. DIY-Thermocam v3 is already in its third round after blowing through rounds 1 and 2 very quickly. Look for us to offer it in our store very soon.

PureThermal OpenMV Update

Big thanks to SparkFun Electronics for backing 50 units of the PureThermal OpenMV Campaign to help us get it to your hands faster. They also earned the right to be the first distributor of the most advanced development platform for the FLIR Lepton LWIR core ever made. Packed with modern features such as a 4.3” 800x480 IPS TFT capacitive touch LCD, a 5MP OV5640 visible camera module, a VL53L0X laser range finder, and of course the quality OpenMV software to support it. This campaign is now well over 50% funded so we've turned a big corner but we still need your support to make this a reality.
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 Sipeed RV-Debugger Plus

The Sipeed RV-Debugger Plus features Bouffalo Lab BL702 Zigbee & Bluetooth LE RISC-V SoC with both UART and JTAG interfaces. The 12-pin connector has Tx/Rx for UART, 8 signals for JTAG, as well as 5V and 3.3V power rails. If you're still reading this, then we know that you know what to do with it! Now available for purchase in our store.

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kimχ micro dev 

We're ready to release some more kimχ micros (pronounced kimchi micro) to the community. Emphatically powered by an NXP i.MX8M mini SoC, this hardware version is likely one minor rev behind what will be production so we are calling it a developer release. 

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