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In the Wild

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert, Crystal Perkins | September 30, 2021

We've got fresh new group buys on tap as well as a fun new feature to give you a platform to show our community what you're up to with products from GroupGets. PureThermal OpenMV is ridiculously close to funding so be our guests to be the last backer to make this highly ambitious project go to market.

Pick-N-Place Wheel

The Pick-N-Place Wheel is a complete solution for manual PCB assembly, component indexing, and component storage. Designed to help makers streamline the manual PCB assembly process, and to provide a more convenient and scalable way to manage electronic components. The Pick-N-Place Wheel is designed with modularity in mind, this means that there are no defaults, you can build the Wheel to suit your specific PCB assembly requirements.
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Wave III

Imagine you want to make a device that plays different alarm voices or you want to make a music player or an audio recorder. Wave-III is what you need. This module can record audio on a Micro-SD card or play Pre-loaded files with high quality from the Micro-SD card. Recording and Playing is 2 channel Stereo with 10-bits resolution. Wave III is a two channel Stereo Audio Recorder and Player module with FAT File System support so users can call file names to play or create a file/folder to record using AT-Commands.

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VGADuino is a shield that is made for arduino with all the libraries and samples that the user can easily stack on the arduino board and start programming. It can connect Arduino to any kind of TV or Monitor with VGA 15 Pin connector. Use can use VGA to HDMI converter to convert the output to HDMI for monitors without VGA port. The user will be able to show text, numbers, draw lines, tables, shapes and even small images on the screen. You can use the TV or Monitor as a larger display for Arduino.

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In the Wild

From fielding AudioMoths in remote forests, to tricking out your bench setup in your top secret underground lab. Products funded on and produced by GroupGets end up in interesting places around the world to enable important missions. We want to give you a platform to easily share your story and give you store credit towards making new ones. Store credit for a product submission? Yes! 
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PureThermal Mini Pro with Lepton 3.0 

Get the PureThermal Mini Pro with a Teledyne FLIR Lepton 3.0 for 25% off! The Pro line of PureThermal is designed for deeply embedded applications where a USB connector is too bulky and not robust enough. This board gives you the option to solder flying leads or use a JST connector based cable. And with the shortage of STM32s, it's also not much more expensive than the scalpers are charging for the MCU itself!
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GG In the News

The Northern Nevada Business Weekly recently stopped by our Reno HQ to graciously interview us to talk about our role with AudioMoth, Teledyne FLIR, and how our group buys work in general. It's a quick read for the curious and gives you a brief look behind the curtain. Big thanks to Kaleb Roedel for doing a great story on us!

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