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Here Comes the Sun

Written By: Ron Justin | May 12, 2020

The world is rebooting but some things are fortunately retaining state. Innovators are still gonna innovate, and we're still going to help them do that. The Open Acoustic Devices team has finally blessed us with the official waterproof case for AudioMoth. Our Launch collaboration with Hackster has some new hotness in pre-launch. The FLIR Boson Automotive Development Kit (ADK) is now live in our store. And due to our recent uptick in shipping volume, we're finally able to offer better FedEx rates to international customers.

AudioMoth IPX7 Case

A long time in the making, the official waterproof AudioMoth case has finally met the high standards of the TOAD team for release. Available in green and black, the case looks fantastic and has many thoughtful design details such as a simple clasp-compression o-ring for sealing and a velcro strap for mounting. It's been hard for us to keep our mouths shut about it for this long (+1 year!), so we're thankful that we can finally announce it and get it to the field where it belongs. The first batch is likely already sold out at the time of this writing because, you know... AudioMoth, but after this quick one-time-only GroupGet, we will keep a steady supply readily available in our store.
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Hackster Pre-Launch

Our Launch collaboration with Hackster is picking up steam after the successful funding of Orange Crab, OmniChip, and more. There are some crazy good new campaigns on deck such as the Nordic NRF9160 FeatherWing by Jared Wolf of Hacker Dojo, the ChronoPy wearable from Michael Welling of Qwerty Embedded, and last but not least, the Kimχ micro featuring the NXP i.MX8M Mini from our very own CTO, Kurt. These quality campaigns will hopefully help set the bar for what's to come from Hackster Launch.



We just got the go-ahead to launch the FLIR Boson Automotive Development Kit (ADK) in our store so you can quickly add thermal vision to your autonomous vehicle projects. In a rather curious pricing tactic, this is the most cost effective way to get a high-end 640 x 512 FLIR Boson LWIR camera with an IP67 enclosure. Happy Hacking!

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New GridEye Thermal PureModule

Pure Engineering is back in the game with some updated PureModules and a new approach to developing with their ecosystem based on the CH341A USB interface IC and Linux, with the goal of making SPI/I2C interfaces for your MCU project fun again. We support this mission, so here we are again trying to get some love for an updated GridEye thermal camera module and a brand new CH341A module, which is in its own campaign here.

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New Lower Cost Shipping and Financing

Our operations team has been extremely busy managing an increase in demand for our thermal camera systems for COVID-19 related applications for elevated body temperature (EBT) detection in public facilities and the workplace. Since we are shipping a lot more volume, FedEx finally reduced our international shipping rates so you will notice that in our campaigns and in store. We also now have an easy and low-cost financing option built into our store checkout process, powered by Affirm. If you still have your eye on that Boson ADK, you can now break up your purchase into multiple payments with reasonable interest rates - we are actually paying more for the feature so you can pay less.
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PureThermal Mini Pro JST is Back In Stock

Act fast because we are selling all things PureThermal well before they even get registered as inventory. This is clearly in response to COVID-19, and we hope that many of you are creating formidable solutions with FLIR Lepton. For a brief time we have some availability of the PureThermal Mini Pro JST. All available Leptons sold out as soon as they were posted in the store this week but if you are looking for PureThermal 2 or Mini, do check Digi-Key or Sparkfun because we recently shipped some there. We are ramping up production significantly to keep up with demand however so we do expect supplies to be better stocked in June.