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Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Written By: GroupGets | January 26, 2023

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

You "killers" have already quickly devoured a few campaigns, so we're charging full steam ahead with 7 new campaigns! Ranging from a gyroscope for robotics, to a portable, long-lasting generator - we think we'll be able to satiate your appetite so you can get your pound of flesh!

Have at you!


Enable Low-Power Embedded Applications:
MistySOM is now available to back!

Built around the Renesas RZ family of microprocessors, MistySOM enables efficient and flexible development of embedded compute applications.

Ruggedized for industrial temperatures and offering super long term firmware support via a CIP kernel based Linux BSP. They include a dual core Cortex-A55, single core Cortex-M33 CPU, 32 GB eMMC, and 2 GB DDR4. MistySOM will be available in two versions:

  • MistySOM-G2L (MW-G2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) - A lower cost general purpose SOM built around the RZ/G2L MPU, ideal for use in industrial and commercial computing applications
  • MistySOM-V2L (MW-V2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) - A power-efficient computer vision SOM with AI acceleration built around the RZ/V2L MPU, well suited for low power object detection, and classification, and localization.

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The DIY Motion Control Device:
3 Axis Gyroscope

This 3 axis gyroscope is perfect for FPV head tracking, robotics, movement control and more. For the DIY home project lover who dreams of doing a movement tracking system themselves, this system has been specially designed for DIY in electronics or robotics for all ages. Makers who want to explore electronics and want their own system, but are less comfortable with advanced programming of accelerometers.

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Portable Solar Generator:
EcoFlow RIVER 2 Bundle

 This GroupGet campaign is USA ONLY 🇺🇸
RIVER 2 beats the industry standard of charging speeds, fully charging in only 60 minutes. That's 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market and 38% quicker than previous generations. Fully charge RIVER 2 while you pack your bags, so you'll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

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All-In-One Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Sensor:
Naadi Doota 

Integrated, single board SPO2-Heart rate sensor combined with ESP32 PICO D4 to provide IOT capabilities for vital sign monitoring enabling remote and local sensing, data analysis and preemptive care. An experimental development board that is completely free for makers to build with, and keep the platform evolving with the worldwide maker community.

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An Encore of Material Science Lab Creation:
Closed-Loop Spectroscopy Lab (Round 2)

Closed-loop Spectroscopy Lab is a "Hello, World!" for autonomous scientific experimentation and discovery. This kit is for STEM professors, students, researchers, hobbyists, and citizen scientists looking to make their own demo lab at a lower-barrier to entry, low setup-time, and low price! Hailed as one of the top 10 Finalists in Hackster's "Save the World Wildcard Contest", this is unique tech that you gotta get!

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Get $19 off a Crowd Favorite:
OrangeCrab 85F Lattice FPGA

The OrangeCrab is an electronics development board. It is FPGA based featuring an ECP5 from Lattice. The board follows the slim feather board specification from Adafruit. The FPGA is compatible with all open source toolchains and is perfect for experimenting with RISC-V cores. 

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Special $34 off Deal:
FLIR Lepton FS

Lepton FS is a non-radiometric 160 x 120 resolution micro thermal camera module with reduced thermal sensitivity, reduced scene dynamic range, and up to 3% inoperable pixels but the lowest price ever for a factory Lepton. These units balance performance and price, enabling monitoring applications where radiometry is not required and pixel-level image information is less important than broad thermal data. 

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Hard to Get, Easy to Go! 

You all are animals! Congrats to the Open Acoustic Team for having the fastest, backed campaigns on the platform (under 1 hour and 15 minutes!) All orders have been processed, and will be shipping starting this week!

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In-Stock Boson:
10% off MSRP!

*IN STOCK* Boson 640 - Consumer - 60Hz - 24.4MM 18° HFOV



*IN STOCK* Boson 640 - Radiometric - Professional - 60Hz - 24.4MM 18° HFOV



*IN STOCK* FLIR ADK - Thermal Vision Automotive Development Kit (75° w/ GSML1)