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Featured Product in the Wild: Using the AudioMoth to Study the Effects of Fishing on Coral Reefs

Written By: GroupGets | September 20, 2022

What product was used? 



Who is using this tech? 


Mary Shodipo is a marine ecologist, freediver and National Geographic Explorer. At present she is completing a masters at Silliman University (Philippines) and is a member of Gnathiid Gnation (Rosenstiel School of Marine Atmospheric and Earth Science, University of  Miami, USA) and the Simpson-Radford marine acoustics team (University of Bristol, UK).


(Left: Shodipo deploying the AudioMoth in reefs in Danjugan Island. Right: Shodipo’s study area in the central Philippines)


Why are they using this tech?


Shodipo is evaluating the effects of fishing on coral reefs using a variety of monitoring methods; marine soundscapes, host-parasite and symbiotic cleanerfish-client interactions.


(Shodipo preparing to deploy the AudioMoths in reefs in Danjugan Island)


Shodipo has been deploying AudioMoths at Danjugan Island and other coral reef sites in the Visyas region in the central Philippines; She painted the devices to camouflage them within the reef and left them for 24 hours to capture diurnal and nocturnal fish vocalizations. 



By utilizing the AudioMoth, Shodipo will continue to monitor the health of the reefs in the Philippines, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

Photos and video were taken by photographer, Carmen Del Prado: www.carmendelprado.com