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Edge Hardware+

Written By: Ron Justin, Matt Navarro, Dara Joyce | May 02, 2022

Happy April! This month at GroupGets, we are introducing our newest campaigns for AudioMoth to keep your timestamps on point and the all new FLIR Boson+. There's also a new tCam-Mini wireless streaming camera for FLIR Lepton. MistyWest and ProbVision are pre-launching some serious kit for those needing sophisticated computer vision on a power budget. Check 'em out below!
FLIR Boson+

FLIR Boson+

If lame streaming services can plus, then so can legit hardware. Introducing FLIR Boson+ with improved latency, industry-leading thermal sensitivity of (≤)20 mK, and an optimized 12 µm 640 x 512 focal plane array (FPA) and AGC. This is the ultimate thermal camera for advanced vision applications in the field. Sales are open now!

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MistyWest is a brilliant, connected, product development consultancy based in Vancouver. They have a novel solution to the chip supply shortage for those on the front lines of low-power vision applications. Introducing MistySOM! Powered by a Renesas RZ/V2L processor with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit, MistySOM will enable NVIDIA Jetson Nano-like performance while using 50% less power. In addition, these processors are actually obtainable (good on you, Renesas!). Currently in pre-launch, MistyWest would love feedback before they lock in the design. Take an active role in a product aimed at real-world applications.

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AudioMoth SafeEdge TPU Hat

SafeEdgeTPU Hat

ProbVision is taking our favorite FLIR Lepton (and other peripherals) to new processor pairing heights with a Coral EdgeTPU (an AI-specific ASIC) that has been developed by the deep brains at Google. The hat itself is designed to top many SBCs from Raspberry to Banana Pi's through a clever microUSB bridge adapter. Designed with mobile vision processing on a power budget in mind, SafeEdgeTPU will ship ready to convert your favorite SBC into a MobileNet v2 smasher at almost 400 FPS while calmly sipping power. We couldn't be more excited to be a part of this product's release, scheduled to fully launch in early May. 

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AudioMoth GPS

Exciting news for AudioMothers worldwide! OpenAcoustics has launched two new GPS modules for AudioMoth Dev hardware - AudioMoth GPS Bundle and AudioMoth GPS + GLONASS. They are used to automatically update the time to an accurate, atomic-clock-based time from satellites before each log is even recorded. Never doubt the accuracy of your timestamped recordings again! Stock has unfortunately already sold out due to chip supply shortages but some of you who follow us on Twitter were blessed with a sneak preview. We will have more modules in our store in about a month so stay tuned.

Z3 for FLIR Boson/Tau

We just went live with a new line of accessory modules for FLIR Boson and Tau from Z3 Technology to capture, stream, encode, and record IR video. Get the most out of your FLIR thermal camera experience with these complete solutions from Z3.

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tCam-Mini rev4 - Wireless Streaming Thermal Camera 

tCam-Mini is just the start of something that we think will be big, but we can't tell you why yet. That's why Dan Julio has been fiercely iterating on this capable platform that lets you stream thermal data from FLIR Lepton with the all new rev4. Now with a USB C connector that allows for hardwired interfacing (in addition to Wi-Fi) and faster streaming to a PC or iPhone via its spiffy new iOS app and v2.1 firmware, tCam-Mini is one of the most compelling ESP32-based platforms on the market - but yeah, we're admittedly a bit biased.

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