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DIY Thermocam is Back

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert, Crystal Perkins | June 30, 2021

DIY Thermocam V3

Max Ritter put the DIY Thermocam design to rest but the FLIR Lepton 3.5 brought him out of retirement to update it to have 3x the performance of its predecessor.  Still with open-source software and hardware, V3 was created to give access to an affordable, portable and customizable thermal imaging platform. The affordability comes from... wait for it... you building it! Be sure to watch the video at the link - it's more advanced than you think. Round 1 came and went in a flash so Round 2 just opened.

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tCam-mini is Now Available in Store!

The tCam-Mini build was successfully funded on GroupGets and is now available in our store for immediate shipping. Designed by Dan Julio, it's the easiest way to steam radiometric FLIR Lepton 3.5 data over Wi-Fi. We're offering it at a great price too, especially considering the software app that comes with it.

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BattLab-One Goal Reached!

An actual hardware battery simulator is a must have tool for seriously testing battery powered designs - software calculators are decent approximations but don't cover the edge cases well. The BattLab-One from Bluebird Labs simulates standard battery voltages, in hardware, and captures the current consumption profile of your device. The best deal on the BattLab-One is right here on GroupGets and this campaign will close July 5th. Don't miss your chance at joining!

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LTE CAT-M1 Feather Compatible Shield

The LTE CAT-M1 / NB-IOT / EGPRS GNSS Feather Compatible Shield by IoT Bots puts a very popular low-cost cellular module by Quectel, in a just-as-popular Adafruit Feather compatible form factor. Part of their home-grown "qTop" ecosystem, IoT Bots also  provides some useful Arduino sketches to get this module connected to Thingsboard for remote command, control, and data monitoring. Funded on GroupGets as a Hackster Launch campaign, this shield is now available in our store and likely is one of the easier ways to get your hands on a Quectel BG96 today.

3D Printed FLIR Boson Enclosure

Meet our first 3D printed ruggedized case for the FLIR Boson thermal camera. Developed with input and testing from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) for use in NASA’s BRAILLE project, we significantly reduced the cost and weight from a previous aluminum prototype. This enclosure will protect Boson from impact, debris, or unforeseen conditions in a low-cost and lightweight form factor. Limited quantities are available now.
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PureThermal OpenMV Campaign Extended

In our determination to get the PureThermal OpenMV manufactured, we have extended the deadline by two months as we work with OEMs and distributors to help fund the campaign. Don't miss your opportunity to be the first to get the most advanced thermal imaging platform that we've ever made in collaboration with OpenMV.
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