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CyberManic Monday

Written By: Ron Justin, Matt Navarro | November 29, 2021

We skipped cyber Monday last year so we're making up for it with deep discounts on some of our greatest hits (and misses) starting now and going through Monday. Topping that, Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS and Greg Davill's ButterStick FPGA development board are now both in store and ready to ship.

$129 WiFi Thermal Camera

Kicking things off strong for this week's cyber action is the lowest price we've ever had for a FLIR thermal camera system and it's got WiFi to boot. We've paired the tCam-Mini with the new FLIR Lepton FS and smashed the price to fit most development budgets. But wait, there's more - Dan Julio, tCam's creator, has just pushed a firmware and desktop app update to bring a crazy amount of enhancements too deep to list here. We also made a little 3D printed tripod mount to help keep it in place. To get this price you've got to back the campaign for this limited one-and-done offer. 
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USB Killer Detector

Here's a fun one that also makes us wonder what you're up to if you need this. Perhaps you're a maker of nefarious USB ports trying not to get fried off your own supply. Or maybe you find yourself immersed in a spy vs. spy world where you're sniffing ports you shouldn't with consequences, or maybe you're just darn curious? Either way, protect your device before you wreck it with this fun USB Killer Detector.
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20 Watt Mono Solar Panel

Solar power is finally becoming more mainstream, accessible, affordable, and an obvious no-brainer for a better future. There is a great feeling from powering anything from the sun whether it's your home, ride, or even an IoT Device. Dan Julio, tCam-Mini developer, certainly knows this and has helped us to create this solar panel campaign that is complemented by his MPPT Solar Charger PCB to keep your IoT firing off grid.
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μMoth Round 3

Another month, another something great from Open Acoustic Devices. Since Round 2 just closed and we can keep making them, we've opened up a new round for μMoth, the biggest little acoustic recorder on the market. The discussion on the Round 2 forum has some great tech talk about it so give it a read if you're on the fence. Otherwise, just hit the Back Now button below.
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Air Quality Feather Wing v6

Circuit Dojo makes some really unique stuff and we're glad to have had a hand in funding some of it. They updated the Air Quality Feather Wing on his own dime, but we're still happy to sell it in our store. Hopefully forest fire season is over for most of you, but we definitely want this Adafruit feather-compatible sensor handy for next season to make sure our air purifiers are working as expected. We even made this little video about it to show how it works.
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FLIR Lepton FS In Store

After shipping out the initial batch to backers, FLIR Lepton FS is now available in store! Get the lowest priced FLIR Thermal camera core available on the market today and just to save you some google-fu, GroupGets is the only place you can currently get them. Volume pricing is available so reach out to learn more.

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ButterStick FPGA Dev Kit in Store

For starters, thanks to every ButterStick campaign backer for hanging in there with us and it's creator, Greg Davill. There was no Twitter snark, no refund demands, and everyone was super understanding of the chip supply reality. With our faith in humanity restored, we've been promptly shipping these out and have put plenty of additional units in store. Quick refresher since it's been in production for a loooong time, this board features a Lattice ECP5, multiple high speed interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, and two gigabits of DDR3 memory. 
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PureThermal OpenMV Update

We've got first articles from the first production run of PureThermal OpenMV and are doing some final firmware tweaks and testing with OpenMV before we allow the production run to complete. If all goes to plan, we should be able to start shipping before the end of the year.

Cyber Deals and Campaign Steals

None of the above ringing your bell? Our online store has deep discounts on unique electronics rarely found anywhere else that start today and go through Monday so lock them in while supplies last. And last but certainly not least, the Hackster Launch campaign for the Pick-N-Place Wheel is in need of capable and willing backers. We think this is a great project that deserves more love.
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