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Cut Through the Noise

Written By: Ron Justin | November 12, 2020

FLIR Boson DiVA Adapter

We’re finally ready to unveil our latest original product release for the FLIR Boson thermal camera. The Boson Digital Video Adapter, or DiVA, makes any Boson plug-and-play with any monitor or TV that has an HDMI port. It's a handy tool to quickly mock up a vision system that we always find ourselves wanting when we take Bosons into the field. The Lattice ECP5 HDL leverages migen and litex and is open source. For a fun twist, it is also brought to you by none other than Greg Davill, the developer of the OrangeCrab, and like 100 other things.


AudioMoth Round 12

What’s better than a new group buy round for AudioMoth to end the year on a high note? How about an updated version! v1.2.0 packs a newer internal MEMS microphone, lower self-noise, improved recording quality, and even improved battery performance with rechargeable NiMH batteries. In addition, AudioMoth now has exposed pads for self-soldering a 3.5mm jack for external microphones. This round has a limited amount of units available so hustle because its already over 400% funded. Hats off to those OpenAcoustics lads in the UK who are so dedicated to progressing this platform.

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ButterStick Preview

Speaking of Greg's 100 other projects, he's back at it with a new Lattice ECP5 development board that is refreshingly focused on experimentation with high-speed and open-standard SYZYGY (siz-uh-jee) interfaces. With a name like that, how can you not be intrigued? Expect this campaign to open sometime before January via Hackster Launch. Butterstick is live in Pre-Launch mode now so you can see the specs. Also, check out this great article on Hackster about Butterstick by Tom Fleet. Note that his article is based on an earlier version of Butterstick - the version on GroupGets is an updated version.

ATMegaZero in Stock

Coming off of its first successful Hackster Launch campaign, a limited quantity of the ATMegaZero is now in stock in our store. Get in early on a blossoming new and accessible ecosystem that puts a Microchip ATMega on a Raspberry Pi Zero form-factor. Its creator, @4Hackrr, is already developing new add-on hats for this baseboard to keep you entertained post-purchase.

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OpenMV PureThermal Update

OpenMV PureThermal is getting more real every day. Shout out to our hardware team for making a v1.0 good enough for the OpenMV crew to validate most of their software features on. This board is going to bring a wish list of feature requests that we've been collecting for over five years for the FLIR Lepton LWIR core and we can't wait to ship the final version via Hackster Launch later this year. Fun fact - the request for this photo ended up leading to one of the working prototypes dying. Lesson learned - no more proto photos yo.

New Spare Parts

A not-so-hidden easter egg in our store is the Spare Parts Clearance Bin. It's a no-frills way to get ridiculous prices on brand new parts. We usually don't even bother to take product photos to stay under the radar. Recently, one of our sister companies pivoted and gave us a huge amount of parts from one of their earlier products to sell such as u-blox USB GPS/GLONASS modules, Linx Radios, and Amphenol connectors. For those in the know, it's as legit as it gets, so take a look and get hooked up.
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