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Campaign Roundup

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert | January 19, 2021

ButterStick High Speed FPGA I/O Funded!

Quite a few announcements for Greg Davill's ButterStick FPGA Development board that puts a focus on experimentation with the SYZYGY peripheral connector standard, high speed USB, and Gigabit Ethernet. The good news is that it is now funded but we extended it to Jan 28. The launch near the holidays slowed some things down but everything is back on track. If you backed the Lattice ECP5 25F version, you'll be getting the upgraded 85F instead at no extra charge. Since there was an overwhelming majority of backing of the 85F, we dropped the 25F option and will not produce it.
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Pi Knox Raspi 6-24VDC PSU Funded!

Tired of USB power not providing enough juice for your Pi stack? The Pi Knox by Burgduino is designed to accept a 6-24VDC input and provide two independent relay output channels for applications ready to leave the bench. This campaign has already met its target but will end on January 21st so back yours now. Just $9.99 with $5 flat rate shipping from Burgduino HQ. Pi Knox campaign is made possible by Hackster Launch.

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AudioMoth v1.2 Round 13

The last AudioMoth round has fully shipped so onto Round 13! New to the game? AudioMoth is an open source full-spectrum acoustic recorder with loads of features onboard, in its mobile configuration app, and now even in the cloud via a new partnership with Rainforest Connection. v1.2 has loads of enhancements that emerged in Round 12 that include a new mic, better recording quality, and longer battery life. The campaign page has been updated to include the incredible amount of media coverage of AudioMoth so even if you already have 1 or 100, check it out and get inspired by all the great works that this device has enabled. For those who can't wait for this round to get units, we have a limited amount of stock leftover from Round 12 in store.

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New ATMegaZero Coming Soon!

After the success of the ATMegaZero Hackster Launch campaign a couple months back, Mr. Eddie Espinal has announced a new version based on the ESP32-S2 processor inspired by community feedback. The ATMega32 gets the "32" from having 32KB of program memory. The ESP32 on the other hand boasts a 32 bit core with vastly more memory and processing power. We're ready Eddie!

Platonic Solids, Now with RGB!

Check out the latest blog post from Greg Davill's Good Stuff Department (creator of OrangeCrab and ButterStick FPGA dev boards): DIY RGB Icosahedron Build - GsD. Greg has managed to make an RGB Icosahedron with 2,400 LEDs! Nerds and geeks alike may recognize this shape as the 20 sided die and one of the 5 geometrically renown platonic solids. It takes some real talent and tremendous patience to make something this impressive, but we are also in awe of the documentation quality which in our book is the new gold standard for electronics project blogging and photography. Maybe we'll see this available on GroupGets sometime, eh Greg? ;)