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Campaign Last Chances

Written By: Griffin Covert, Ron Justin | September 28, 2020

ATMegaZero is So Close!

ATMegaZero is turning the last corner and rapidly approaching the finish line. If your project calls for the efficiency and simplicity of an Arduino with the convenience of the PiZero form factor, this promising Hackster Launch campaign is for you and is closing soon. At over 80% funded and just under a week to go, this one needs just a little TLC to close. Support a very dedicated creator who is putting his soul into making this a compelling lightweight rapid proto kit.

Back ATMegaZero

PureThermal 2 With FLIR Lepton 3.5

Ending next Wednesday, this Group Buy is on the final countdown but well in the green. If you've been waiting for a deal on the best way to prototype thermal imaging applications with FLIR Lepton, wait no longer. Save $28 when you get the Lepton 3.5 and PureThermal 2 together in this campaign.

Get a PT2 with Lepton 3.5


Backing this kit may literally take longer than setting up your first embedded hello world app.The QuickDAQ.mikroBUS is another great innovation brought to you via Hackster Launch. This versatile development system from Embeddetech makes project development a breeze with its graphical low-code programming environment, Virtuoso. Embeddetch has partnered with MikroE to bring you a colossal array of over 800 easy to integrate Click boards™.
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Mavic 2 Enterprise with FLIR Boson 640

Check out the latest addition to our line of thermal wizardry. The DJI Mavic 2 mounted with a FLIR Boson one-ups the birds eye view by adding 640x512 60 Hz thermal vision from a FLIR Boson 640. This kit comes professionally assembled and tested by longtime drone distributor and system integrator, Drone Nerds. Thermal vision and UAS go together as good as dark chocolate and paleo almond butter. 


Boson ADK In The Wild

We're willing to bet that more so than most purveyors of fine electronics, we actually put our money where our mouth is regarding the items we sell. So with that, check out what one of our team members did with a Boson ADK, some RAM Mounts, and his highly customized Jeep Wrangler tailored for our hometown Sierra Nevada mountain trails.

Watch ADK Jeep Video

NVSU233B High Power UV-LED on PCB

This high powered UVA (not C) LED comes with a convenient breakout board for easy soldering and mounting. This campaign is shipping from STOCK, so you can get started on your project ASAP! We're going to retire this SKU so this is our way of saying good-bye to the final remaining stock that we have. 
Get the NVSU233B High Power UV-LED