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Buttery Goodness

Written By: Ron Justin | December 30, 2020


ButterStick High Speed FPGA I/O 

Why stop at making just one Lattice ECP5 FPGA dev board in the OrangeCrab? This is how Greg Davill rolls so he's back at it with ButterStick to make it easy for you to experiment with high speed I/O, USB, and Ethernet interfaces. Named after it's two-dimensional equivalence to an Australian stick of butter, ButterStick is also a great way to hack on the open SYZYGY peripheral connector standard. This board is the first to put SYZYGY in our vocab but with a name like that, how can you not be intrigued? Freshly launched, the ButterStick Hackster Launch campaign is 25% funded at the time of this writing and needs your support to hit its goal. 
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AudioMoth Chime and IPX7 Case Round 2

We did say that we wouldn't do another group buy round for the Official Audiomoth IPX7 Waterproof case but we had to do something to celebrate the release of AudioMoth Chime, a robust protocol for contactless configuration of one or more Audiomoths via audio (of course). Since Round 12 of AudioMoth recently closed, we decided to do another case round so you can lock in the introductory price one more time. Want another great Audiomoth update? Open Acoustic Devices recently partnered with Rainforest Connection to make Audiomoth compatible with RFCx's cloud-based ecoacoustic tools. 

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kimχ micro Update

Version 0.91 of our very own kimχ micro (kimchi) board featuring the NXP i.MX 8M mini SoC is done and looking pretty solid but before we launch it, we wanted to have some "lids" ready to go at launch time to make easier to explore. There are a few in progress now for USB, a display, Wi-Fi, GPS, and some other usual suspects. Bringing up the lids is also helping us validate the main board better so you can expect a fairly mature ecosystem at launch in early '21.


GroupGets Mentioned in Think Tank Report

We were surprised to see our platform referenced twice in an excellent report from the Wilson Center's Science and Technology Innovation Program. The report is called "Building Blocks for Better Science:  Case Studies in Low-Cost and Open Tools for Science". Granted, we were standing on the shoulders of AudioMoth's citing in the report, but we'll take it. And congrats to them for being one of 16 projects highlighted along with Adafruit Industries. 

FFWD to 2021. Please.

It's been a trying and tumultuous year for all of us but we fortunately came out relatively unscathed and we hope the same for you. While we are SO ready to fast forward to 2021, we wish all of you a warm holiday season to hopefully end 2020 on a high note. Special thanks to every GroupGet campaign backer and store customer, FLIR Systems, Digi-Key, Hackster, Sparkfun, Open Acoustic Devices, Greg Davill, Circuit Dojo, Qwerty Embedded, Eddie from ATMegaZero, Vital Systems, OpenMV, and our repeat OEM customers.