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ATMegaZero Approved for Launch

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert, Matthew Navarro | September 09, 2020


@4hackrr has engineered an ingenious hybrid of two legends in the Arduino Leonardo and the Raspberry Pi Zero dubbed ATMegaZero. Taking inspiration from the Pi Zero, the ATMegaZero features a Microchip ATMega32U4 MCU in a Pi Zero form factor. This could be a useful way to leverage Pi Zero peripherals with a more power-sipping MCU. The campaign is now at 50% and gaining momentum. Make it a reality by backing it and check out Hackster's very own Alex Glow's livestream about it (and thanks to Alex!).
ATMegaZero is a Hackster Launch campaign. We are collaborating with Hackster.io to bring you the latest innovations from the hacker community and help creators introduce their small batch craft hardware to the world. 

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nRF9160 Feather Campaign Late-Bird

Circuit Dojo's Hackster Launch campaign for the nRF9160 Feather cellular/GPS module is closed yet it still continues to gain notoriety like in this article by Nordic Semiconductor. For the first time ever, we are going to allow late-bird backing so you can still get in on the first batch of boards that provide the lowest cost and only fully open source way to hack on the nRF9160. 

Late-Bird Back NRF9160

QuickDAQ Campaign Update

QuickDAQ.mikroBUS is another Hackster Launch campaign with some good news. Embeddetech was able to drop the minimum quantity AND price for their low-code development platform to help it fund faster. If you're more visual than "texty", this platform allows for a more visual approach to the ever challenging art of programming embedded hardware.
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FLIR Lepton 3.5 Back In Stock

This tiny yet mighty radiometric 160x120 thermal camera core by FLIR is in high demand and short supply. We have them in stock now but they won't last long. If you are new to Lepton, make sure to pair the Lepton with one of our many Lepton camera boards like the PureThermal 2 below. 

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PureThermal 2 with Lepton Campaign Round 2

With FLIR Lepton 3.5 back in stock, we decided to couple it with our iconic PureThermal 2 hackable USB webcam featuring an STM32F412 MCU and offer it at a rarely seen price. Round 1 already came and went so we launched Round 2.

Back PureThermal 2 with Lepton 3.5

OpenMV PureThermal Update

If you're an OpenMV Cam aficionado wanting to add thermal imaging to your repertoire, or a thermal imaging wiz wanting to overlay your video onto visible camera frames, then you're both in luck. v1.0 of the OpenMV PureThermal is going to fab and we'll be bringing it up this month with a version bumped release targeted for Hackster Launch before 2021. This will be our biggest thermal camera board release ever, quite literally, but also by hardware feature set.