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A Slow December 'Twas Not

Written By: Ron Justin | December 29, 2021

It was supposed to be a chill December but we're not mad that it wasn't. Big news below on immediate Teledyne FLIR Lepton price drops. DroneThermal v4 for Lepton 3.5 just launched. And of course, new group buys and funded ones closing soon.

FLIR Lepton Price Drop

Shortly after the introduction of the (still) lowest priced Lepton FS at $99, Teledyne FLIR has lowered the price of all Lepton longwave infrared (LWIR) cores across the board by as much as $50. The most performant Lepton 3.5 is now only $149.99. The Lepton 3.0 is now end-of-life and global supply is running low - we have our last few hundred here. Happy imaging! 
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DroneThermal v4

For thermal imaging apps where analog comms is your only option such as sUAS, the DroneThermal v4 converts a Lepton 3.5's digital output to an analog signal (NTSC or PAL) for easy thermal image transmission back to base. DTV4 is the only DroneThermal that works with Lepton 3.5 and is now available for immediate sale with shipping to start by second week of Jan or earlier. 
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MinCab Carrier for Raspi CM4

Uptime Lab is an interesting shop we found online making some really cool stuff for Raspberry Pi and Macs, both of which are pretty beloved at GroupGets. We got them to launch a campaign for MinCab - an ultracompact and refreshingly spartan carrier board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4). The price is also refreshingly low at $19.99.
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AudioMoth Updates

Round 3 for the new μMoth acoustic logger will close on Jan 3. With limited units remaining, it's time to move because it will likely sell out. On top of that, the Open Acoustics team has been developing a GPS module for the AudioMoth Dev board which will soon launch on GroupGets. Also on the way are a low-cost USB Mic for a Raspberry Pi or Laptop, and an underwater-rated case that converts AudioMoth into a HydroMoth for marine and freshwater biodiversity monitoring. Stay tuned for launch dates! 
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Group Buy Roundup 

PureThermal OpenMV should be hitting our docks this week for shipping to backers ASAP. We were extremely cautious with testing the first articles so we can confidently ship what is easily the most complex product that we've ever made (the only thing missing are the scissor doors). Round 2 for tCam-Mini with Lepton FS is live for a Wi-Fi enabled thermal camera system for only $129 - this was an unthinkable price point 2 years ago. USB Killer Detector is ready for your next trip to DEF CON and the 20 Watt Mono Solar Panel campaign is calling all green IoT devs. 

New Year's Sale

We're making room for new store products and for you that means deep discounts on some fan favorites like the Hamamatsu C12880MA micro-spectrometer kit and ATMegaZero ESP32-S2s. 
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We probably should have gotten this newsletter out last week but we figured there was enough frantic spamming happening in your inbox. Happy Holidays from us all the same and thanks for being a valued group buy creator, backer, store patron, social media liker, product contributor, partner, supplier, and distributor. Looking forward to working with you in 2022!