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A New Era of Open Hardware

Written By: Ron Justin | February 09, 2022


CLEAR Open FPGA by chipIgnite

chipIgnite has done what probably seemed impossible only a few years ago in creating an ecosystem that enables custom ASIC development at an attainable price. So what’s in it for you? How about an eFPGA with CPU subsystem that is open down to the silicon level. It comes populated on a breakout board so you can quickly start prototyping with it along with other fellow backers on the same foundry shuttle. In an era where it’s impossible to get basic chips, chipIgnite is enabling anyone to make their own.

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PureThermal OpenMV In Store

PureThermal OpenMV has shipped to all backers and is now up for grabs in our store (and at Sparkfun). For those who want to team up to save, we opened a smaller Round 2 campaign primarily for students that missed out on the first round. We’ve also just released the official 3D-printed case that can be crowd purchased here.

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AudioMoth Underwater Case

We blinked and AudioMoth has quietly turned into a vibrant ecosystem with multiple varieties, cloud-based software tools, multiple enclosure types, and most importantly, a passionate global user base of academic researchers and citizen scientists. AudioMoth used to be something we talked about once a quarter at most, but now the updates are so frequent that once a month isn't enough. That said, the new underwater case design is now in store along with replacement acoustic membranes for the non-underwater case. There is a mini-round for μMoth (“micro-moth”) about to close, and we were able to finally source more Silicon Labs Gecko processors to start building more AudioMoth v1.2’s. Look for a new round of those to launch soon.

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FLIR Lepton FS Giveaway

The new breakthrough low price of the Teledyne FLIR Lepton FS has us feeling like we could just give them away so ya know what, we are!
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More Radiometric FLIR Bosons

The Teledyne FLIR Radiometric Boson 640 is now available in 5 new configurations: 8°, 18°, 32°, 50°, and 95° horizontal field of view, with 640 x 512 resolution. Now shipping.
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Group Buy Updates

With lots of new campaigns opening above, there are a few looking for a backer like you. Round 3 of the tCam-Mini with Lepton FS is almost 50% funded. We don't think that there is anything anywhere near this price point for a Wi-Fi enabled thermal camera system with comparable resolution. The 20W Mono Solar Panel is looking to power your next outdoor IoT project, and Pure Engineering is letting go of its last batch of Hamamatsu color/proximity PUREModules for six bucks.