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A Few New Things

Written By: Ron Justin, Matthew Navarro, Griffin Covert | April 29, 2021

This year is flying by about as fast as AudioMoths are flying out the door; Round 13 shipped so Round 14 is live. We've got two new product launches this week - a simple FLIR Boson tripod mount and an updated micro-spectrometer breakout. Two NEW community initiated group buys for ATMegaZero ESP32-S2 and BattLab-One just launched. Support fellow indie developers and back 'em both!

ATMegaZero ESP32-S2

@4Hackrr's follow up to the original ATMegaZero, which put the Microchip ATMega32U4 in a Pi Zero form factor, swaps out the ATMega for a shiny new Espressif ESP32-S2 SoC. The concept is pretty slick - leverage existing peripherals made for Pi Zero with other platforms and we're glad to see Espressif now in the mix. The ESP32-S2 solves a few issues with previous ESP32 variants in that this one drops a core to get the power consumption down while adding enhanced security and IO capabilities such as a display driver. 4Hackrr, well done!

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The BattLab-One is an open source battery simulator from BlueBird Labs capable of simulating a variety of battery chemistries and providing what-if optimization analysis. The BattLab-One pairs with open source software to and visualize data and statistics, perfect for analyzing power performance and detecting anomalies in your battery powered devices. For a deep dive into the BattLab-One, Dave Jones from EEVBlog has posted a thorough review.

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Hama C12880MA Breakout v2

It's a GroupGets and Pure Engineering collab from way back that deserved a refresh. We not only made it black, but we also changed the design to make it easier to make for years to come. The old design had parts that were EOL such as the Sony UV LED so we removed it, but the super bright white LED remains as an integrated illumination source.
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FLIR Boson Tripod Mount

Sometimes it's the little things. We wanted a simple way to mount a FLIR Boson to a tripod with our without a breakout board so we came up with this lightweight 3D printed design that handles the job for under $20.
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20% Off FLIR Lepton 3.5 with Any Board

With the Radiometric FLIR Boson stealing the LWIR spotlight, we're giving the radiometric FLIR Lepton 3.5 core some love by discounting it with any board purchase. Save 20% when you bundle Lepton 3.5 with any of our breakout boards. Not sure which one to choose? PureThermal 2 is the gold standard for FLIR Lepton prototyping given its larger size, USB output, and ample breakouts. Graduate to the PureThermal Mini for a more compact solution. Go with PureThermal Mini Pro JST to get a lower profile connector. Or if you just want a basic breakout, choose PureThermal Breakout.

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Orange Crab Back in Stock

We just hauled in a giant catch of the Orange Crab Lattice ECP5 FPGA Development boards by Greg Davill for store. Like your FPGA with an open source toolchain do ya? Well here you go. Given how long the lead times are for most any FPGAs, this might be your best bet to get your HDL prototyping going now.

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AudioMoth Round 14 

Round 13 has fully shipped so we're on to Round 14 for the AudioMoth v1.2.0 audio data logger (which is already funded). Can't wait for a group buy round to close? We also have a limited amount in stock from Round 13 in our store now. 
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Radiometric Boson Sales Online

We broke the news last month that the Radiometric FLIR Boson has finally arrived to give you absolute temperature measurements from either the 640x512 or 340x256 version of the LWIR camera. Online orders are now live for your convenience or you can still call our sales team to place analog orders over POTS.
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