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A Cellular Module Light as a Feather

Written By: Ron Justin, Matthew Navarro | July 28, 2020

Do you like your cellulars low on cost, size, and power consumption? How about open source, Norwegian, and sprinkled with GPS and NB-IoT? We thought so. Then back an nRF9160 Feather by Circuit Dojo below now because there is nothing better to cover all of those categories. After shipping the Orange Crab Lattice-based FPGA dev kit to all campaign backers, we have a small stash available in our store for immediate delivery. PureThermal 2 and our Hamamatsu C12880MA micro spectrometer kits are also back in stock.

Orange Crab FOMO?

If your FOMO is on high from our inaugural Hackster Launch campaign featuring a fully open source Lattice ECP5 FPGA dev kit by the prolific Greg Davill, then relax, we got you. We made some extras and they are now listed in our store along with the fancy open 3D printed case that we made. Live in the EU and want cheaper shipping? We covered that too - the 1bitsquared store has a stash as well. Since shipping we have seen a lot of cool applications ported to it via Twitter so if you are still on the fence, check out 
@GregDavill's feed to see the latest updates. This is a project that still has some legs, but we just can't say what they are yet ;)
End Orange Crab FOMO

PureThermal 2 Back In Stock

We're doing our best to keep our custom thermal imaging systems stocked in store amid COVID-related demand from OEMs so with that, PureThermal 2 for FLIR Lepton is now available. We quietly updated the color to black to match the other PureThermals but the design has not changed one bit. We're still out of FLIR Lepton 3.5s for the store but we hope to have some by mid August. If you want priority on them, you should make an order now via PO.

nRF9160 Feather a la Hackster Launch

We're not mad if you skipped ahead to this part because we would have too. The Nordic nRF9160 is a tiny cellular SiP that is on many to-do lists to explore for creating ultra-compact and always-connected devices such as asset trackers. Lore has it that more than a few ex-Nokia engineers were hired by Nordic to pull off this engineering marvel, and truly marvelous it is. It packs CAT-M1 LTE cellular, NB-IoT, and GPS into a tiny package without breaking the bank or your mechanical constraint. Jared Wolff of Circuit Dojo put a lot of revision, testing, and even FCC certification planning into this design so trust that it will be a ready-to-rock experience on arrival with its included Hologram Hyper global-ready SIM. This certified open source system is over $50 cheaper than the incumbent dev kit for the '9160 and meets the Adafruit Feather form factor spec so you can integrate it with a multitude of Ada gear. This is the second campaign via our Launch collab with Hackster so stay connected for what's next but in the mean time, hit the "Make this Launch" button below to back a unit or 2 so we can keep bringing you high quality hardware from star developers.

Make this Launch

Hama C12880MA Spectrometers In Stock

Catch the rainbow with our classic Hamamatsu C12880MA micro-spectrometer kit. Made to be plug-and-play compatible with Arduino, this high-end micro-spectrometer with integrated super bright LED and UV LED illumination is used by researchers worldwide for sophisticated spectrometry experiments but we won't tell anyone that you use it to color match touch-up paint for your toy train collection.

Get a μ-Spectrometer

FLIR One Pro Group Buy

The FLIR One Pro couples a FLIR Lepton 3.5 with a visible camera into a tiny form factor that can plug into your smartphone. One of the best parts about it in our opinion is a very mature SDK that lets you write professional-grade apps. These Micro USB versions were barely used by an OEM who opted to switch them out for PureThermal 2 in their cryogenic application (cool, right?). We're doing them a favor by selling these off for a smoking deal that is for once not too good to be true.

Join Group Buy

PUREmodules GridEye2 at Halfway Mark

Pure Engineering is pretty fond of the Panasonic GridEye2 as a means to add low-cost and low-resolution thermal imaging capabilities to your hardware with ease. Featured on Hackaday, this refreshingly low-cost 8x8 thermal breakout might be the bridge drug to more expensive thermal imagers that your parents worried about. It also easily plugs into your Linux box via their CH341 adapter which is also available now on GroupGets. This campaign is halfway there so please give it some love so we can send these to production and ship like we do.