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Radiometric FLIR Boson is Here

Written By: Ron Justin, Griffin Covert | March 31, 2021

It's clear that COVID-19 finally caught up with the electronics supply chain. We're seeing lead times press out to 20+ weeks for common SoCs. We planned for this by buying enough parts for our best selling products, but we are seeing some of the group buys get hit. If you back a group buy, please be prepared to be patient. We will work diligently throughout the year to get parts as fast as possible. If the lead time of a funded campaign pushes out, we are proactively notifying all backers with updated lead times and cancellation options. We'll all get through this. On the bright side, Radiometric FLIR Boson sales are now live along with some other good things below. 

Radiometric FLIR Boson 

The time is here. We are now taking orders for radiometric FLIR Boson 640 and 320 for some performance grades and fields of view. Lead time is currently 8 weeks and may push out due to pent up demand. This news is so breaking that we do not have online orders ready yet but our sales team is standing by to quote and book now. Expect online ordering to go live next week.
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Larson Scanner 2021

Named for the creator of Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica, Gary Larson, the Larson scanner is the iconic red oscillating robot eye on Knight Rider's Kitt and the Cylons. After the successful completion of the Pi Knox campaign, @Burgduino is back with Larson Scanner 2021 which features 16 RGB addressable LEDs and includes a microphone, temperature sensor, and ambient light sensor. These and the available connectors for UART, I2C, DAC, and GPIO outputs make this Larson scanner an outstandingly versatile way to indicate all the sensory things and it's a great value at just $19. 
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tCam-Mini Almost There!

Come for the Wi-Fi enabled thermal imaging, stay for the solid companion software app. The tCam-Mini by Dan Julio Designs is not only a low cost solution to get your FLIR Lepton frames airborne, it comes with a very robust imaging software solution all for under $50 (not including that darling little Lepton). This thing is just about funded so please do us the honors and back so we can get to putting them into production.
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nRF9160 Feather v2

Jared Wolff is changing silkscreen colors on the nRF9160 Feather faster than we can keep up with, but we're partial to the black version, aka v2. In addition to being back in black in our store, v2 adds the very familiar ST LIS2DH12TR 3-axis accelerometer which also has built-in support via the Zephyr/nRF Connect SDK. The "wake on movement" feature now enabled by the accelerometer being wired to an interrupt pin on the SoC now makes this an even more power efficient cellular-based GPS tracker. 
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kimχ micro Lids

Wondering where the kimχ micro launch is? We've been busy with @QwertyEmbedded and his team to create useful "lids" to enable real applications for the kimχ micro powered by the formidable NXP i.MX8M Mini on day one. The lids currently in progress will separately add Wi-Fi, a Feather Wing Adapter, an e-paper display, and Hi-Fi audio (pictured here). There may be a few more surprises yet to be announced, but you get the gist. 

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Pure STM32WL Feather Preview

Our very own Sashi, hardware creator of most of our thermal camera wares, is flexing his RF skills with this new LoRa board featuring the STM32WL SoC. Given all of the Adafruit feather action lately, we said why not rock the STM32WL on a feather pinout to make it compatible with all of the feather boards that have been coming through the platform like Orange Crab, ButterStick, and nRF9160 Feather. The beta version of this board is currently being brought up so expect to see it launch sometime in April.