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New Gets for New Heights

Written By: GroupGets | April 13, 2015

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Hey GroupGetters,
Did you ever wonder how GroupGets got started? The Pacific Coast Business Times has the scoop and featured us in their Technology section. And thanks for your feedback. We finally have an answer to all the requests for analog video out of Lepton for UAV and security applications. We also have some exciting new group buys below, as well as deadline extensions. Check it out!


DroneThermal Image

The **Drone Thermal Micro UAV Thermal Camera breakout board is the easiest way to get an analog video signal (pal or ntsc) from any of the FLIR Lepton thermal imagers. Through a deal with DroneThermal you can get this board for 15% less than the standard price and conveniently add a 25 Degree FOV Lepton to your order at checkout. Keep an eye out for a demo video soon.

HackHD Image

The **Hack HD is an awesome 1080p camera that’s perfect for any hobbyist. Dare we say it’s our most versatile GroupGet yet? It can be mounted almost anywhere and even fits inside of a GoPro skeleton. Using a standard M12 lens, weighing in at one ounce, and only 65x40x25mm in size, the applications for this camera are endless. And you can group get it forover 20% off!

25 Degree Lepton Image

We’re happy to now have the 25 degree FLIR Lepton thermal imager. This imager, compared to the 50 degree imager, provides a 2x magnification and narrower field of view. It’s perfect when you need a closer look but can’t quite get there. Unsure of which Lepton to purchase? Watch our comparison video of the three Lepton thermal imagers, even our CatCEO makes an appearance.


Newspaper Image

Thanks to the Pacific Coast Business Times for publishing an awesome GroupGets article, “Santa Barbara startup to close crowdfunding’s missing link.” We like being front page material.


Our team created new instructional videos just for you. First we have a comparison of all three FLIR Lepton thermal imagers which proves good things come in threes.

50 Degree, 25 Degree, and Shuttered 50 Degree Leptons

We also created an informational guide of the pcDuino3B and 7" LVDS LCD screen. This is CatCEO’s favorite GroupGet, as you’ll see.


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