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Updated FLIR Lepton PocketCam GUI

Written By: GroupGets | March 30, 2015

Hello GroupGetters,

FLIR recently released a new version of their PocketCam/FoxCam GUI software to us. One thing worth noting, regarding the new files, is that they also provide sample firmware that implements the Lepton communication and control protocol for a different larger evaluation platform (now discontinued) that may be helpful for your custom integration.

We created a walkthrough video of the updated GUI app for FLIR Lepton PocketCam:

FLIR has greatly expanded their features and interface in this version.

Foxcam software

You can now select up to six different colors of your choosing. There is also a dropdown to choose the preset color pallets. Spice it up.

Foxcam software with thermal image

Also FLIR has added a lock for the automatic gain control (AGC). This locks the camera’s gain so you can compare the heat of one object relative to another. For the image below, Matt locked the AGC onto himself and pointed it at a cold drink.

Foxcam software with thermal image

FLIR has also added different output formats, both 8 and 14, as well as different output source options.

Foxcam software with thermal image

You can also take still images from within the software. Here’s some more soda can action.

Foxcam software with thermal image

Saved thermal image from Foxcam software

Happy hacking!

-The GroupGets Team