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How to Create A GroupGet Campaign

Written By: GroupGets | March 10, 2015

Want to create your own secure group buy campaign at GroupGets? Here is a helpful guide to help you get started.

Whether you are trying to get access to something hard to get due to a high minimum order quantity (MOQ), or just trying to save money on something that is much cheaper in bulk, GroupGets.com can help. Maybe you can afford a large minimum buy but don’t need or want the whole quantity and would prefer to consume more collaboratively and responsibly. We can help you find others with similar interests that would like to be part of the group buy.

Alternately, if you are a vendor wanting to reach more customers, you are also welcome to apply for campaign on GroupGets.

First you need to login or sign up on GroupGets. Then click either one of our “Create” buttons highlighted below.

GroupGets Create button

Now you will need to fill out the “New Campaign” form to give people the basic details for the GroupGet so that they can make an informed decision to join you.

The form is shown below. First thing to know, if you need any help or are unsure of what to put, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you get your campaign started.

New Campaign Form

At first it may seem that there are a lot of fields to fill out, but only some of them are required. Below I will go through what is needed for each field.

New Campaign

*Product name — Please use the name that the manufacturer uses for the product so people can easily search for other information on it.

*Product description—Usually you can find a description of the product on the manufacturer’s website, additionally you can add other information and links that you think would be important to other GroupGetters. If you cannot find a description of the product, just fill this section in as descriptively as you can. For the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO), use as many complete sentences as possible and roughly 300 words.

Vendor url— The “Vendor URL” can be the manufacturer or vendor/distributor. Although this is not a required field so if you are not sure where to link to you can leave it blank as well.

Forum url— If there is an existing forum regarding the product, or maybe a forum that you have been using to talk about making this GroupGet add it here so others can take part in the discussion too. We also add a forum to each GroupGet campaign located in the “Discussion” tab on top of the campaign.

Invitation only— Check this box if you want your campaign to be hidden and only available to those that you invite. We will never share the details of your private campaign. This is an easy way to set up private B2B deals or protect your stealthy new product idea.

Why groupget this?— This is where you make your case to other potential backers to join your campaign. Is this product amazing? Did you influence a limited-time offer for a great product? Is it a great deal? Is it only available at a high minimum order quantity (MOQ) and no lower? These are all possible reasons why someone else would want to join in on your campaign.

Product Image or Video

Photo— Upload a picture of the product here, usually a good image can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Video embed url— Have a video that you would like to include about the product, or maybe something amazing that it can do that would help others want to get it well? Add the YouTube or Vimeo link to the video in this field. Note that at this time we allow either a photo or a video so choose the best option that represents the campaign.

Funding Info

*Price— This field is for the price per unit that the manufacturer gave you for x amount of units. Note that we will add a small percentage on top of this fee.

*Min funding goal units— This is the number of products you need to have claimed for you to get that low price. Sometimes the manufacturer or distributor will require a minimum order of x amount of units to get a discounted price. So if you don’t have that minimum then entering 1 is fine.

Max funding goal units— If you can only get so many of the item 25, 50, 100, etc. then you would enter that number. Leave this blank if there is no maximum.

Max individual pledge units— Is your group get limited to one per GroupGetter? 10? 100? add that here.

*Deliverable per min pledge— What exactly will your fellow GroupGetters receive when the campaign comes to an end? Add that to this field.

*Expiration date— This is when your campaign will end, so by that time if you have a minimum and it was reached then it was successful and the buyers will be charged and things will be shipped out. If the minimum was not met then it would be unsuccessful” and the campaign would be over with nobody being charged. You might want to decrease it if the minimum funding goal is reached early. You might want to increase it if you still need more backers to make it successful. If you would like to extend the campaign past this date at any time, just contact us and we will generally grant an extension.


Has accessory— Check this box if the product you want to GroupGet has a separate accessory that could come with it for an additional fee. For instance, with our FLIR Lepton campaign, there is an additional circuit board that backers can optionally choose to add. Also, backers can choose to ONLY get the accessory if they wish.

~*Name— The name of the accessory that is available as an add-on to the main product.

~*Description — A detailed description of that accessory.

~*Price — The price of that accessory per unit.

~Max quantity— If there is a maximum amount of units available add that number to this field.

Shipping Info

*Lead time— This is the time it typically takes for the product to be manufactured and shipped to GroupGets upon receipt of funds, if required. If the order can likely be fulfilled shipped to GroupGets from stock then put “product in stock”.

*Weight— How much does the product weigh when packed? This helps us calculate the shipping cost which each backer will have to pay.

Other information

Allow users to contact you?— Allow fellow GroupGetters to contact you via your registered GroupGets email? If you enjoy a more private life do not check this, or perhaps set up a more anonymous email for this purpose. It is DISABLED by default. However if you are a vendor selling something, then you may welcome direct contact.

Additional details— Anything else not covered above that you think everyone should know? Add that here.

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How can I improve the appearance of my campaigns?

All of the text fields above can use “Markdown” to enhance your campaigns appearance, here is a handy markdown cheat-sheet. It is simple to use and can make your campaign look very presentable.

What are some good campaign examples?

A good way to get ideas about how to make your campaign awesome is to check the existing campaigns on GroupGets. The FLIR Lepton Thermal Imager is one of GroupGets best selling campaigns, so if you need some ideas on what is needed to help make your campaign successful, please check that one out. One important take-away from that campaign is that its purpose was to get people access to a cutting-edge sensor that was only sold initially in $200,000.00 minimum quantities. We then took that concept one step further by designing an accessory component to make it easier to use once obtained.

What to do after you submit the campaign proposal to GroupGets?

Give us a couple of days to review your campaign and verify the facts. We need to make sure that the target item exists and meets our terms of service.

Once the campaign goes live, you will be notified via email. Now it is up to you to promote it via your social networks and other creative ways. We will also try to help.

What happens when my campaign meets its funding goal?

Soon after the campaign is closed due to a successful funding event, we will charge the backers who have presumably given us valid credit cards or ACH payment information. We then make the order for the target item with the vendor. Depending on the campaign details, we will either receive the full quantity of the goods and distribute them to each backer ourselves, or the vendor may ship directly to users based on the address and quantity information that our system collects.

Normally a few cards will not work, and we will automatically notify those users and give them a few days to respond.

If it does not experience a large amount of refund requests, we will award you with a cash bonus of 1% of funded value. This offer does not apply to vendors selling their own goods though.

I have a great campaign idea but I simply have no time to manage a campaign.

That’s OK. If we agree that it’s a great idea, we’ll start and manage the campaign for you and you will still half 0f the normal cash bonus if it gets fully funded and you actually back it.

I’m willing to start and manage my campaign, but I know that it would be enhanced with a custom accessory to make it more accessible or useful to backers. Can I get design and engineering help with that?

Talk to us. We have great custom design partners such as Pure Engineering that can turn a good idea into reality quickly. We can do an NDA to protect your idea too and we are willing to design/build it for free and share the profit.

Ready to get started?

Just go here and Create your next great GroupGet campaign: https://groupgets.com/

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