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Get Faster ROI with GroupGets for Business

Written By: GroupGets | May 24, 2017

It's official, GroupGets for Business (GG4B) is live for manufacturers seeking early ROI for new product R&D while ramping up for high volume production. Read the news on PR Web.

GroupGets Team

GroupGets got started by providing individual buyers with the same access to specialized technology as larger organizations through crowdfunding for pre-existing products. We soon discovered that our platform offers our manufacturing partners some unique and powerful benefits.

GG4B connects manufacturers—which can range in size from startup to enterprise—with our broad network of innovators who are actively looking for early access to tip-of-the-spear technologies and new products. By using GG4B, these businesses get valuable early feedback on their products while they are ramping up mature designs for high volume, exploring new product configurations, or even launching betas.

They also discover new use-cases for their products from users who traditionally would not have access to products that are primarily aimed at large OEMs. These buyers represent a huge, new market for manufacturers, who generally sell to the same OEMs via established purchasing agreements. GG4B is a fast and flexible way to complement those OEM sales with direct sales to expert buyers.

PureThermal 1 USB Thermal WebCam

Who are these buyers? They are researchers from top institutions and universities; founders and CTOs at startups; engineering teams at established enterprises; and pro-makers who on average spend over $500 per transaction. While we understand a lean manufacturer's intent to only target high-volume opportunities, a lot of innovation is left on the table by neglecting buyers who can't afford their high minimum-order quantities or meet stringent sample requirements.

Other benefits for manufacturers

  • We offload the support burden of low-volume buyers by fostering an active online support community around products that we and our alpha users moderate 24x7.
  • Our customers span 50 countries.
  • Our in-house design team can design hardware, software, and mechanical accessories to enhance a product's value proposition and increase its accessibility to a wider range of users.

In addition, we market and stock the most successful products from our partners in our curated store for high quality goods not easily found anywhere else. In effect, we are the go-to online destination for people inventing the future.

Radiometric Lepton 2.5 by FLIR Systems Inc.

Case study: FLIR

FLIR Systems Inc., our first enterprise partner, has leveraged every benefit of GG4B to great effect. We were on the ground floor with FLIR from beta to one million units (and nine-figures of revenues) for their breakthrough "Lepton" long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging camera core shown above.

In addition to providing early distribution and marketing, GroupGets designed custom accessory electronics, development kits, supported hack-a-thons, and created numerous open source software applications to aid Lepton developers worldwide. Some of our custom accessories for Lepton have gone on to wider distribution channels such as Digi-Key, MCM, and Paltek electronics.

Verrado Electric Drift Trike by Local Motors, Revitalized by GroupGets

And FLIR is not the only enterprise leveraging GG4B to build a new market. Hamamatsu Photonics and Google Research also have also worked with us to great success. Startups do too: Local Motors, Keyport, Dronesmith Technologies, Klip Industries, and Breadware Inc. have all signed up to take advantage of our unique capabilities to either launch or revitalize a product line.


PRUDAQ for BeagleBone Designed by Google Research,
Produced by GroupGets

GG4B is a new phase in our evolution

Our founding team is a mix of young raw talent and tech veterans who have started or sparked other successful ventures such as TrackR Inc., Pure Engineering LLC, and world class product lines in medical, telecom, and semiconductor test equipment. The founders also sit on numerous advisory boards for startups and institutions. After refining our processes in stealth mode and bootstrapping ourselves to significant revenues, we're ready for more manufacturers of sophisticated products that want to connect with our network of innovators and enthusiasts without having to worry about supporting one-off buyers or who want to try new approaches to distribution and marketing.

Our platform acts as an efficient and easy on-ramp to mass distribution that complements existing sales channels. GG4B force-multiplies your distribution, innovation, and marketing efforts with a proven platform and team. Even better, it costs nothing to try. Contact us now to get started!


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