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Hacking Minimum Orders for Fun & Profit

Hacking Minimum Orders for Fun & Profit

Written By: GroupGets | August 24, 2016

Did you ever need something that was only available in quantities more than you want or can afford? Ever notice that stuff is 10x cheaper if you bought 100 instead of just 1? Are you with us when we say that it's usually more rewarding to experience things with other people? Then join us in life hacking the Minimum Order Quantity (MoQ) system.

By harnessing crowd power to hack MoQ's, you can access the unattainable or get the best price for any existing product. We remove hassle and add security to group buys by vetting the product, handling the billing and buying, and then shipping to everyone who joins you. If you are brave enough to life hack the MoQ system by engineering your own campaign, we'll even reward you with a cash bonus if it succeeds and your backers will adore you.

Price is Correct

If saving money doesn't sway you, what about your time? Group buying has the added benefit of a built-in 24-7 crowd support network at your disposal. Freely ask questions to us, the manufacturer, and fellow backers on our campaign discussion walls during and after your purchase. This is especially useful for high-tech products like the ones in our store, which have all been GroupGet All-stars.

Flipping the script, if you make great products but are too lean to support small buyers or just want to get in on the action - join us. Thought leading companies like Research at Google and Local Motors did.


Simply login or sign up on GroupGets. Click the "Create" tab or the "Start a Buy Button"
Create a Campaign.

Next, complete a simple form to give backers the details of your master-planned heist. If we REALLY like it, our GetLab team may design some kick-ass accessories to help it succeed.

Video Walk-Through of our Application Form

Tips, Tricks, and FAQ's

Browse and join our existing campaigns for inspiration and see HERE for pro-tips to make your campaign pop.

After Submission

We'll verify the facts to make sure that the target item is up to our backer's standards and meets our terms of service.

If approved, it's up to you to promote it via your social networks and other creative ways - we'll help. When your campaign funds, we bill all backers, ship the goods and cut you a check. Nobody will be charged if the campaign does not succeed.

Not a fan of words so much? This infographic has you covered.


Invite-Only Campaigns

Whether you're a stealth-mode startup or a business wanting to offer an interactive B2B promotion, check out our private campaign feature. We will never share their details but some evil geniuses have already put them to impressive uses.


There is only upside and no risk to starting or joining a campaign so what are you waiting for? Leverage crowd power to collaboratively to save money, acquire out-of-reach items, and have the peace of mind of a built-in 24-7 support network for sophisticated products.


Ready? Make us proud: https://groupgets.com/

P.S. We love it when our backers show off what they do with their ill-gotten gains on social media. Stay in touch and tag us! We're happy to promote your projects and life hacks enabled by a GroupGet. Let's inspire others.