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Your 2022 GroupGets Year-In-Review

Your 2022 GroupGets Year-In-Review

Written By: GroupGets | January 10, 2023

We asked ourselves: "Selves, how can we make a year-in-review summary without boring our subscribers to tears?" It was while we were listening to Griffin's, our lead hardware engineer's, psychedelic-rock mix on Spotify that we recalled how excited we were to each get our Spotify Wrapped info. 

It's funny how a 3-minute story can completely have us enthralled with what "music personality" we got, or who our top artists were. Is it vain? Probably, but what a perfect way to show how much you all had impacted our platform! We figured we could "be influenced" *cough-mimic* by this format and give you the best-of-the-best info.


Without further ado, here's your 2022 GroupGets Bundled!

Video Highlights:

The spirit animal for this year was the "DIY Donkey." Over 78% of the campaigns launched in 2022 were products that were open-source, fully customizable and often required a backer to set-it up themselves. 
We take pride that we are able to ship all over the world - here are the top 5 countries that the most backings came from:
1.) USA
2.) United Kingdom
3.) Germany
4.) France
5.) Australia

All of our campaigns, were amazing - but these 3 stood out from the 136 created:

1. HydroMoth

To serve the researcher whose "life, lover and lady is the sea," the HydroMoth serves as a bioacoustic logger for underwater expeditions. Congratulations to the Open Acoustic Devices team, once again making an affordable, hardware device - (read further down for their next creations!)

2. ICE-V Wireless

This FPGA not only won favor within our community, but also got an exclusive shoutout from this Make: Magazine's "Board Guide 2022." Our longtime collaborator, Michael Welling with QWERTY Embedded Design & Eric Brombaugh, deserve to take a bow for this versatile board!

3. tCam-Mini (Rev 4)

Dan Julio has done it (again)! With the ability to have an antenna for drone usage, and utilize on iOS - the tCam is the perfect, easy-to-use thermal device that can be plugged into multiple applications. 

2023 Upcoming Campaigns

"Should old acquaintance be forgot?" Well, there's a whole line-up of new campaigns coming this year - and we're proud to be partnering with old friends for these ones! 

MistySOM: Available to back now!

Built around the Renesas RZ family of microprocessors, MistySOM enables efficient and flexible development of embedded compute applications. Backers are able to choose from 2 versions:

  • MistySOM-G2L (MW-G2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) - A lower cost general purpose SOM built around the RZ/G2L MPU, ideal for use in industrial and commercial computing applications
  • MistySOM-V2L (MW-V2L-E32G-D2G-I-WX-V0) - A power-efficient computer vision SOM with AI acceleration built around the RZ/V2L MPU, well suited for low power object detection, and classification, and localization.
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Closed Spectroscopy Lab (Round 2)

While many of you were probably partying-it up during the holidays, a Hackaday.io "Save the World Wildcard 2022" Finalist got fully funded within a few days of its initial launch! Round 2 of this campaign will continue the vision of providing material scientists to have hands-on exposure to autonomous scientific discovery.

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Record Sound with Microsecond Timestamp Precision:
the AudioMoth GPS & +GLONASS Receiver Bundles!

The Open Acoustic Devices team is back with 2 campaigns! Both are currently at pre-launch, and will provide more updates as we move into the end of the year! 

Both campaigns include the AudioMoth Dev 1.0.0 model paired with an AudioMOTH GPS 'S' board or 'D' model for a GLONASS receiver. 

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