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Immersive Color and Outer Space

Written By: GroupGets | October 06, 2015

Drones are back in town! GroupGets has a custom built ARTF Racing Quadcopter available for beginner and intermediate FPV racers. We also have a gadget that brings the International Space Station inside your home, and the AmbiLED HD which adds 16 million colors of ambient color matching light to the back of your monitor for a more immersive experience. Plus the GroupGets team is coming off of a hacker high from the InterDrone Expo in Las Vegas and a road trip to UNR's new Innevation Center.


ARTF Racing Quadcopter

Racing drones are back! We've partnered with Scratchbuilds to provide this Almost Ready to Fly (ARTF) 250 Racing Quadcopter for a low group-buy price. This drone is perfect for getting started with QC racing and FPV. We even offer a ready to fly package and an FPV package that includes goggles as additional add-ons.

ISS Above

Join Bill Nye the Science Guy and bring the International Space Station to your home television with ISS-Above. You'll constantly know where the ISS is located, where to look when it's passing over your home, and see it's live view of Earth from the comfort of your own couch. As a Kickstarter success, ISS-Above is now installed in over 1000 homes, including some of actual astronauts.


The AmbiLED HD is an innovative way to add immersive high-resolution 3D background color to your computer gaming and movies. It was a Kickstarter success and staff pick, and is made by the same makers of the DroneThermal board that we carry. Check out our custom video of AmbiLED HD in action.


GG Labs Collage

Did you know that the GroupGets Team has been making and hacking products from day 1 of our launch? GroupGets Labs’ first product was the famous FLIR Lepton breakout board. We have since shipped 1,000's worldwide and are on a roll with more boards, open source software, 3D-prints, and third-party development. Interested in a strategic partnership where we can help you make and sell? Contact us!


Recently one of our engineers went to a Hackaday Meetup in Los Angeles with the maker of the ISS-Above and brought a hack of his own using our custom Lepton Development Kit. It ended up getting featured on Hackaday, and we send a thank you to them for that!

Matts Hackaday

The GroupGets team also hit the road in Nevada last month, making stops at the 2015 InterDrone Expo in Las Vegas and a startup tour of Reno/Tahoe.

The InterDrone Expo was an exciting event. We connected with innovative makers and hackers in an awesome venue. The FLIR Vue and Extreme Fliers MicroDrone 3.0 were some highlights of the event.

InterDrone pic collage

Shortly after, we traveled to Reno to visit some innovative startups such as Filament, Bristlecone Holdings, Trainer Road, Aware Systems, the brand new University of Nevada's Innevation Center, and even the Mayor Hillary Schieve who was very fun and welcoming. During this whirlwind tour we discovered there is quite a percolating startup scene there, and we were happy to make some new friends and connections to it.

UNR pic collage

Below is a picture of Filament CEO Eric Jennings (right) and GroupGets CEO Ron Justin (left) holding up Filament's new TAP hardware box. We look forward to seeing them in action and hopefully they send us some to play with in Santa Barbara. This is a revolutionary piece of hardware that tickles the IoT, RF, and Bitcoin nerd inside everyone (… OK at least some people).

Ron and Filament pic



Our updated FLIR Lepton Breakout board is fully in production. Look forward to having more advanced on-board features for Lepton soon! And don’t worry, it will work with both current and next-gen Leptons.


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